Take that pill!

George is back!  In time for a very important appointment –

Dr. Roberta had come to make sure we are alright and our passport stamped before us returning to the UKThat’s George – getting in the way even when I was getting checked. He just can’t bear the sight of me getting some attention.He barged his way in to have Roberta listen to his heart.

You’re giving me a treat?Ooooh noooo! That’s not a treat.You’re trying again?Nope, all the sweet talk, persuasion isn’t going to do it.Ahhh! You stuffed it down my throat?!?!?That’s not nice.Roberta could finally stamp our passport!Well, despite it all, Roberta still thought we were fab as she said goodbye.Arrivederci!!!May’s comment: Roberta makes house visits – easier for us not to have to run around getting to a vet. Passport stamped, Drontal given – finally! Miss D was exceptional in spitting it out.Well, that was the most important thing we had on our list of things to do now that we are enroute to going home in a couple of days. The deworming and checking the health of the dog must happen not less then 24 hours and not more than 5 days before re-entry to the UK.  Most vets know the procedure and definitely a lot cheaper than when we have to do it back in London!

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