Waiting for the bride!

Finally the day has arrived.  Mummy tied a blue ribbon that matches her dress around my neck. 

The afternoon began with cocktails in the wine cellar –img_7199-2We stayed for a little while and as there was nowhere to sit, Mummy decided there were too many feet around me in a small area. We went to the chapel where the wedding will be held.  That way we can choose where we wanted to sit and decided the back row is the best.img_7203-2This way we get a good view of what was about to happen – two people walking down the aisle to be declared husband and wife.
img_7219 This is us waiting for the bride and groom to arriveimg_7222Before long the wedding party trooped in and the proceedings began.  It was all in German so we did not understand most of it but could follow the service.img_7228After two emphatic “JA!” – Sylvia and Markus were married!  img_7265That’s Edgar, Mummy’s godson with his mother, Sylvia and her new husband, Markus.

After the wedding, everyone was taking photos but the flower girls and boy wanted most of all to have their photos taken with me!img_7236That’s Nino, Sofia, Antonia and Johanna.

Mummy’s always very proud to her godson, Edgar who now lives in Londonimg_7250They even managed to have matching colours.

Happy guests …img_7242Edgar’s sister, Katja and her boyfriend Antoineimg_7246This is Rosa, one of Edgar’s new step-sisters with her boyfriend, Leo

And these two boys share a favourite memoryimg_7257When Edgar was ten, Mummy took him and Henry to a Chelsea football match! And now they are both taller than her! And I had to be in the photo of course – Yay! Chelsea fans – and we’re even wearing the right colours.

Here are most of the hoomans who attended the wedding gathering for a group photo!  The missing others like Mummy decided she wanted a capture part of that moment too!img_7266Then we went into this lovely hall for the wedding dinner.img_7269 Mummy found her place – we were actually the last to arrive. Oops!img_7270I sat dutifully under the table all night
img_7273 The food arrived but nothing seemed of interest to meimg_7272After awhile I thought it was time to go when everyone stood up and went outside – but they were letting off balloons into the night skyimg_7277 Mummy had one and so did Iimg_7279Everyone sent them into the night skies with sparklers and good wishes for the newly married coupleimg_7283As the party wore on and two days later when faces have become more familiar, many came up to say hello to me.  They’ve mostly heard of labradoodles in this part of the world but not a cockapoo.

Michael has a German Pincherimg_7288 And this is Isabel – she has a labrador and a Jack Russell and she LOVES dogs – can you tell?img_7291Finally it was time to go to bed – way past midnight
img_7292Gawd! I like sleeping on the soft bed rather than the wooden floors under the table.img_7293May’s comment: Lovely ceremony, lovely guests all beautifully turned out.

Wishing Markus and Sylvia very happy togetherness. They have truly inspired me to believe that when you least expect it, someone can come into your life who takes you by surprise.  And that when one is about to give up on ever having a BIG LOVE, he comes along.  Someone who is a perfect match – where the relationship is one of support, respect and unselfish love. Sylvia and Markus exemplify those qualities.

Love their choice of songs during the ceremony. When they were signing the marriage certificate, the singer with a most beautiful voice sang, “At Last” and a happy song “Fly Me to the Moon.”


  1. Christinr

    Thank you for sharing this trip, ypu all looked beautiful at the wedding. What a gorgeous place to have a wedding.

    Never give up May, you never know what is round the corner.

  2. Nino Zmugg

    I love your sweet dog πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you Nino. I hope one day you will have your own sweet dog! We very much enjoyed meeting you and your parents. I hope we see you again. x

  3. Debbie Jennings

    You and your mummy both look beautiful xx

  4. Jocelyn

    Lovely wedding felt like we were there, what a lovely guest Darcy was.
    Hope to you soon X

  5. Nino Zmugg

    I also hop we see youπŸ˜€ and Miss Darcy 🐢 agian ! Good Night Nino πŸ˜€

  6. Elizabeth Burman

    You look stunning May, love your dress and wrap. Miss D looks so sweet with her blue bow. I’m impressed with how well behaved she is, quite a hit with the wedding guests. Hang in there May, you’re a very attractive lady with a good heart, your perfect match is out there somewhere, he’ll appear when you least expect it.

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