Butterflies on my mind

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

There were a lot of “white butterflies” at Schloss Obermayerhofen.  Both Mummy and I wondered what they signified. Probably nothing to read into – just beautiful, fragile, delicate flying insects with large oversized wings that makes an elegant and graceful piece of decor.

It had been a long weekend and a different experience for me.  I have not been to an event with so many people at one gathering.  img_7266The hotel had been really accommodating.  They prepared minced meat for me everyday with shaved carrots. And whenever we were at one of the functions, they brought me water.img_7315The last morning (after the wedding reception and dinner) was a brunch at the lovely hall. img_7300We were one of the first ones there – because Mummy had to feed me and take me out.

The benefit, she gets to appreciate the lovely flowers from last night.
img_7302And checked out the buffet.  She found green eggs!!!img_7303It doesn’t look too green in this photo but the scrambled eggs were green. Why? Because they use pine oil to cook in Austria.

Soon everyone else started arriving, which meant more opportunities to “beg”.img_7304Mummy did not like that and distracted me by asking the kids to take me. And I loved it. They used pieces of cheese to get me to do tricks.img_7313And I happily obliged! I said “please”, I did “paw”, I rolled over, I pirouetted, I crawled, I hopped and walked on two legs, I jumped up on Mummy’s lap – I did my whole routine of tricks delighting the kids. I was their entertainment.

We’ve had a lovely weekend at Schloss Obermayerhofen img_7325And now it’s time to leave for Vienna – the start of our journey home. It was time to say goodbye to the newly wedded coupleimg_7319And to the many new friends we have met over the weekend.

As we left for Vienna, Mummy said the butterflies may have been just decor but thought they were quite symbolic of Markus and Sylvia’s relationship. When they met and fell in love, their butterflies emerged. Nice thought, Mummy.

We had a lovely weekend.  And now it’s Auf Wiedersehen and danke schön! For Markus and Sylvia – Herzlichen Glückwunsch.img_7332I look a little dishevelled on the car ride to Vienna with all that hugging and stroking all weekend.

May’s comments: We get so caught up in planning to attend such an event, we turn up and everyone is eyeing everyone and tended to gravitate towards the ones we know. But over the course of the weekend, there’s more time to meet the other guests and expand our connection. And then it’s all over!  It’s been a really lovely weekend.

Over the years I have seen many of these faces at weddings, christening, milestone birthdays, house-warming – and the children have all grown up to young men and women. In between I do not see them so I might recognise a face but I can’t remember where or who they are.  And as the men age, their salt and pepper hair makes them all look a bit similar. LOL!  Of course it’s easier for them to remember me! I’ve always been the only Chinese in their midst. So it’s been a bit embarrassing when they came to say hello and I have a blank look on my face.

The kids are the ones that impressed me the most. img_7257They have all grown up to be such well-mannered, sociable and good looking kids. I’m biased maybe because each of them took the time to come up to me to say hello and if I have forgotten, they reminded me who they are.  Looking at them, I feel more positive about the future. 🙂img_7242



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