Here I am!!!

Mini-Me and Mini-George have been sitting this whole time looking out for us …

Velvet Mushroom Mini Me and Mini George

And finally yesterday – they caught the first glimpse of me as Lisa walked me home.

Well, hello!!!!

I couldn’t wait to get inside … . After a quick hello to Mum, I was excited to check out every room to make sure everything was still the same as when I left it a month ago! And just checking to see if George was around. And he’s not home yet.

And then it was time for hugs, tail wagging and kisses for Mum!

Ahhhh, it’s nice to be home …. ready for supper!

May’s comment: This was Saturday night …

This was Sunday night …

What is a home without a dog!

Lovely report from House of Mutt!

Thank you House of Mutt for taking such good care of Darcy> She had a blast!

One by one – we’ll all be together again.


  1. Cheryl

    What a happy reunion! I loved Darcy’s wiggle butt; her tail never stopped wagging! I’m sure you’re both anxiously awaiting George’s arrival!
    May, your home is beautiful!


    What a fantastic reunion ! Can’t wait to see little Georgeous coming home too. 🐾❤️🐾❤️

  3. Liz Burman

    Lovely to see you back with mum, back to being a city dog! Love the peacock platter May.😍😍

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