You’re next, Georgie Porgie!

Mum and I are off to get George tomorrow …

Are you ready to come home, George?

George: Is it time to go home?

I’ve had the best time with Hebe and Blaze. I ride in the back of the car with my pals.

We go for walks in the vast countryside of Dorset.

This is one of Jane’s favourite walks … the Cathedral of Trees!

Oh! I love being out in the countryside.

And look at the vast fields to run and run and run … but alas I see three moving object down below!!!

And I went absolutely berserk! Deer!!!!!! Three of them! I need to chase them off the fields!

And can you imagine if they had let him off lead?!?!?!?!?!!?

Back home in the garden. Note: I am still on long lead because my curiosity got the better of me. But there is a pond that completely intrigues me. I don’t like water – the only reason I had not jumped in. And all humans still worry that I just might one day.

And every evening before bedtime – we all line up get a little treat.

I see a phone camera and I will not look up!

Chewie time! Must remind Mum about my bedtime treats.

Life’s been good. Do I have to go home? I can hang out with Christoph.

May’s comment: A little worrying. He has been having such a fab time, getting cuddles and his bromance with Christoph continues, a huge garden to run in … maybe he wouldn’t;want to come home.

Well, Georgie-Porgie, reality is – it’s time for a haircut!



    Now then George, of course you want to go home to your Mum and Darcy, so glad you have had a great time with your friends and Christoph. You are so lucky to have the best of both worlds, but home is always best. Fancy seeing three deers together, don’t want to imagine what you would have done if you were of the lead, maybe you just wanted to say hello and have a good chat about stuff. Love your photos, especially the one were you are smiling. Cheerio for now. xxx

  2. Cheryl

    Oh, Georgie, you’re going to have quite the reality check! But as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home!”

  3. Laura

    When was the top photo of him in his brown sweater taken?

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