Hey Human! I’m Dog!

We know we can make you super happy, especially when we are just puppies …

We grow up and we’re not always so cute.  We still need your love even when we’re old and especially when we’re ill. Please don’t make us sad.11040399_907313312641177_6630856326126969486_oThis Dogue de Bordeaux was abandoned like an old shoe on Capel Crescent Pillgwenlly, Newport.

He didn’t get like that overnight, so someone left him to suffer appallingly before discarding him like an old shoe.  He has been collected by the police and taken to Summerhill Vets. A group of residents helped the two officers to carry him and who carefully put him in their van. Even though he was obviously in a lot of pain, and hungry he was still very trusting to the people who were helping him.

He has a really bad case of mange, along with raw patches of infected skin. His eye’s are also infected, he’s underweight.

The police have been involved and the RSPCA. There had been a lot of angry people who threatened to “attack” the owner who left him – so it got a little overheated. Since the eruption we have not been able to find out any more about him since yesterday. We hope he’s ok and being treated – and put up for rehoming when he’s better.

May’s comment:  Dogs can bring out the best in us but humans sometimes abuse their position of responsibility for them.

P.s. Hey! Human – a creative agency in London has nothing to do with dogs – just thought it was a cute sign.


  1. Cecilia

    I hope he would find a loving home! Why are people so irresponsible!

  2. Maggie

    Please May, will you let us know if and when you find out any more. This makes my blood just boil. And especially when he still trusted humans to help him. Dogs are so forgiving. those owners are …… I can’t say it here, I am so upset.

    sealea Blue.

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