Sometimes I don’t feel like walking

There are days I don’t feel like going to play with the other dogs in the park.  I prefer going to places with Mummy.

But none of this nonsense!” says Mummy.  “You must go and socialise and be more dog!

Do I really have to go? Do I have to leave you?IMG_0408So Agnes scooped me up in her arms and carried me along till Mummy is out of sight. 😉

May’s comment: She is seriously more human than dog. Or maybe she’s just mummy-centric. She is happy just walking next to me shopping, sitting under the table when at restaurants – and only happy when she’s with me in the park.  She’s happier if Agnes came and took George.  She would happily walk back inside to sit at my feet. Whereas George would be so annoyed he doesn’t get to go.

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    I think it’s an age thing…:-)

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