O ye scary feathered one!

Oh how elegant and beautiful they look, says Mummy.IMG_8351She and Marley’s mummy wanted a photo of us with them –IMG_9741And as we stood to take a photo, this bossy boots came from behind and hissed at us!!!IMG_8365Sent me and Marley scurrying away!IMG_9745Oh Swany! You may be beautifulIMG_8359But so unfriendly! IMG_8360Swim away! We shall have no more further to do with you!

We went back to our four-legged friends who run around on land!  Well, sort of!IMG_8348Sometimes they go splat!

Sometimes they are big and beautifulIMG_8344Sometimes they are Bubble sizes – that’s Bubbles playing with Chewie!IMG_8324Chewie, you’re not half as scary as your namesakeIMG_8332Or are you?IMG_8311There were lots of us out today – because it was a lovely day for a walkIMG_8342And look who we met!!!! Bella, a six month old cheeky cockapoo!!!IMG_8328

May’s comment: Walking through Hyde Park on a very mild winter’s day … I never stop feeling lucky to have such a beautiful park to walk to everyday. Always lots of dogs running freely, playing with each other and so many people who would stop and talk – because we have something in common – our dogs.

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