Honey Bear

This is Honey Bear. She’s a Grande Dame of 13 years and lives down the road from us. We sometimes visit with her and her Mummy, Sarah. Unlike me, she’s very dainty and quiet.  

But alas, do not be fooled by her daintiness!  Sarah gave us each a treat – I swallowed mine in one gulp while Honey Bear worked on hers.  So of course, I was hoping she would not finish her treat and ready to leap at it!


 Oh, keeping an eye on potential left over … just inching closer to get a better look.


Honey Bear – ” I see you, Miss Darcy! Don’t even think about it!”


 Oh well, I didn’t get it! Honey Bear was too smart for me despite my stealthy moves. Instead I went for hugs with HB’s Mummy … that’s better.

IMG_9493 IMG_9490

Honey Bear oblivious to it all!


And I went home with a hide bone! HB growled at me but her Mummy said it was too big for her. 🙂

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