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Work Benefits

If by any chance you have a dog and Mummy is working on your project, your dog will definitely be incorporated into the task at hand! LOL! Read more…

Posing (nervously) with grinning Rose

Rose is a white German Shepherd. As you know I have this fear for GS, but apparently so does Rose because she was attacked by one!  Well, we have something in common. Read more…

Who gets the better house guest vote? Yes, another one!

You know Mister Charles, that little rascal who often comes to stay … Read more…

Hello Scarlett O’Hara, I’m Rhett for the day …

With Jaffa cheating on me, I’m going to be flirting with the other girls from now on.  Read more…

I see a cockapoo crossing the street!

From across the street, Georgie and I saw a cockapoo by the traffic lights … Read more…

My old beau

It’s been awhile, Rocko – so lovely to see you again.

Rocko was my first love. We used to be so crazy about each other – we would each go crazy just hearing the other’s name. But things are not the same as before.   Read more…

Pawned off

You know, it’s not always so rosy for us. Don’t think we get to go everywhere with Mummy. These days when she’s quite busy, she has to leave us behind. 🙁 Read more…

The sun was out for our beach walk

As soon as we got to our hotel in Poole, we headed right out to Branksome Beach.  No wasting time! Read more…

The Four Musketeers!

That’s what someone called us four Equafleeces when we were running around in the Polo Fields in Windsor Great Park!

George in blue, Barney in black, me in purple and Nelly in brown. We could be doing an advert for them. Read more…

A trek, a run but no lunch

It was a long tube ride to Heathrow Terminal 5.  We weren’t flying off to anywhere – it was just a good meeting place for Emma to pick us up for a walk/run/play with Barney and Nelly – our Windsor friends. Read more…

Walking on water

Whoa!!!  That’s a mini waterfall!  IMG_2501 Read more…

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Meet The Gang

These are my walkie friends. We walk together during the week with Agnes, we play together in the parks on many days.  We are all shapes and sizes. Read more…

Honey Bear

This is Honey Bear. She’s a Grande Dame of 13 years and lives down the road from us. We sometimes visit with her and her Mummy, Sarah. Unlike me, she’s very dainty and quiet.   Read more…