Hop Along Mummy!

Mummy’s home! A lot of tail wagging as I rushed out to greet her. IMG_9043But I couldn’t jump at her!unnamed-16So come on in – you need to tell me what happened.

And George is still with Praewa and Arsh. She thought its’s better to stagger our return as she’s “hop along Mummy” for a little while.  So for the next couple of days she only has to deal with me so.

George is all snuggled up in Praewa’s bed.IMG_9055May’s comment: Darcy stayed home with Ann – she had her share of walks but I think it was more confusing for her to be home and I wasn’t there. She kept looking for me each time they went for walks. And she would rush home expecting me to be home – each time looking for me and then would go and sit by the door.

She slept by the door last evening until she knew I wasn’t coming home and then pursued to take over Ann’s bed! 🙂


  1. Maggie Danks

    Hope you mend soon May. I’m sure they both missed you terribly.

  2. Alison Mullett

    Hope you recover quickly from your operation. I’m sure Darcy will help too! Take care

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