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Lucky Mummy – Praewa asked her what’s the first thing she wanted to eat after her op – and without any hesitation, she said – red velvet cupcake!

So she got a special treat from Praewa!

And very generous of Mummy to share the red velvet cupcake moment with me.  She sat me on her lap as I watched the cupcake …IMG_9048 being slowly …IMG_9049 consumed!IMG_9051Not one single crumb of it for me!

Hope it was delicious. I wouldn’t know.

May’s comment: What can be better than coming home to Hummingbird’s Red Velvet cupcake. Thank you Praewa!!!!

Darcy just sat and watched each mouthful disappear. Did not try to go for it – think she knows it wouldn’t be good for her.


  1. Everyone knows cupcakes speed the recovery process. That and pups. Win win!!

  2. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Hope you recover quickly May..lots if licks and cuddles will help I’m sure. X

  3. Laura cordovano

    Speedy recovery May. I can’t think of a better way to kick it off!

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