How have you been?

Hey Mum! I’m back!

A flurry of excitement.
So excited!!!!

Mum: Miss you Miss D! But I was getting updates from Sarah. I saw the photos. You’ve had quite an experience at the House of Mutt.

Yes, it was quite different from my previous stays. During the first week there were other poos and dogs my size – like always.

But you know how I love being “DAWG” when I’m there. We ran in fields, in the woods

and in the rain.

There was even a German Shepherd – and Mum, I knew you wondered how I reacted to him. I wasn’t afraid at all because I know I was in a safe place.

In the second week I was outnumbered by Labs! I was with the boys!

They accepted me, and I had no fear of them. Were you surprised? I suppose different circumstances makes one look at tings differently.

Mum: I was really delighted to see how you have fitted in. Very proud of you.

What about you, Mum? Did you get much rest? Did you get up to anything?

Mum: I’m much, much better. My foot doesn’t hurt much at all. It just looks worse than it is but I will find out very soon.

While you and George were away, I have been hibernating the past two weeks. I ventured out for the first time yesterday and realised I haven’t used some muscles for awhile. LOL!

The time had flown. I had so much I needed to do so I took advantage of this time when I was house-bound. Of course I missed you and George, but I knew you will have a better time where you are than being struck at home with me. But you know what I missed most? All the little things.

Healing licks. This is love. No one else would do this, you know.

I missed not finding you next to my head in the mornings. Whenever I woke up in the night, I would look over and find an empty bed. Or when I get up from the chair making a loud noise – there were no faces staring up at me, wondering where I was going.

It’s the ordinary moments that I missed the most.

So I am really glad to have you home. And we will take things easy this week just so we can all heal properly – and we can resume our long walks again.

It is good for us to spend time away from each other – knowing we will be together again. There’s nothing better than coming home and being reunited again.

So happy to see Teddy too.

Mum: Ditto!

May’s comment: I watched a lot of telly while at home – besides sitting in front of the computer almost all day. I managed to catch Brene Brown’s talk on Netflix about vulnerability.

I liked what she said about how we get so busy chasing the extraordinary moments that we forget to pay attention to the ordinary moments. And it is the ordinary moments we miss the most when the people or beings we love are not around.

It’s been two productive weeks – just being quiet, staying home. Well, I was spoilt with a lot of visitors. They brought cupcakes, biscuits, chocolates, flowers, lots of Juice Baby offerings!

Mac and Maisy brought red velvet cupcakes! Yum!
Kingston came to keep me company and his mum did grocery shopping.
Fred and I had snuggles – the best thing he brought me.
Yunna knew I had a chocolate craving!

Friends asked if I was going stir crazy staying home. I was mentally prepared for the two weeks of putting up the feet. I had planned to be productive. I had a list of things to deal with and I managed most of them. And because I am so happy with our new flat that I have enjoyed being home – even worked on the final touches.

But Darcy’s home now … and slowly we will go back to the “norm”. Whatever the norm is.

This is Darcy’s report card from the House of Mutt.

Love the part about how she doesn’t miss George! But if he was there, the two of them would be only playing with each other.

Darcy goes for doggy day care the rest of the week and a neighbour is walking her in the evenings – though I hope tomorrow will bring good news and I don’t have to wear the awful shoe any more.

George is still away. Having adventures of his own and killing me with worry. I am going to have a good talk with him when we see each other … he’s been a very naughty boy but very happy.


  1. Barbara Sacher

    Hope you are still mending well. I can see from one of the photos that she and our Teddy were having a great game of chase!!! (he’s the white one:-)
    I think he quite missed us but also his other cockapoo friends!


    Hi Miss Darcy, so glad to see you back home with your Mum, a lovely reunion. Your Mum has quite a bumper dressing and bandage on her foot, it is lovely seeing you apply healing and soothing licks, wondered if you manage to find a any tasty bits of food dropped in the bandage. (Love the place mat with ‘His Master’s Voice’ picture, nice touch.) That is a very good report you received from The House of Mutt, and you had a wonderful time there, you look very happy with the Labrador Big Boys, you had quite a smile on your face. Your Mum has mentioned that she will be having a word with George, as he was a naughty boy…mmmmm….what has he been on with I wonder. Cheerio for now, Hilary xxx

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