What do you see?

Off to the vet – this time its me.

This is my first time at the vet since they moved from Kynance Mews. They are now part of Medivet.

The place is new and the examination rooms are a little different – there isn’t a scale for me to jump on and be rewarded with treats. But I recognise all the hoomans who work there.

Mum brought me because it looked like I have an eye infection – lots of gunk around my eyes. Peter could tell immediately.

Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

He first squirted some green liquid in my eye – so he could examine it to make sure there were no scratches.

And there were none so the diagnosis is I have conjunctivitis. I got some antibiotic eye drops – three to four times a day for a week.

Grateful that’s all that is.

After a quick visit, we crossed the road to good ol’ Jakobs –

for some healthy Mediterranean inspired breakfast for Mum.

Are we ready to leave? No? We’re waiting for someone? Who?

Wearing my new Cloud7 raincoat.

And then I realised why Mum stopped for breakfast. This way Joanna could meet us as she walked past Jakob’s on the way to Kensington Gardens.

My friends – Habiti, Cecci and Crumpet.

And off we went …

Bye Mum! See ya later!

Mum’s not ready to go for long walks yet – especially in the rain with her open-toe shoe.

Mum’s comment: Jakobs is a good standby – been around forever and they serve delicious healthy Mediterranean inspired food. They were one of the first dog-friendly places we found – it seemed back then that every dog owner in Kensington knew about Jakob’s. And they have championed being dog-friendly – turned away customers who didn’t like four-legged customers. 20 Gloucester Rd, Kensington, London SW7 4RB

Grateful that it’s only conjunctivitis. Both she and George are prone to getting it. About once a year.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Darcy — You look great in your new Cloud7 raincoat and matching leash! Bet the vet was impressed with his patient!


    Hi Miss Darcy, glad you got on at the Vets O.K. conjunctivitis is a flipping nuisance, but your Mum got you immediate attention so you didn’t suffer the discomfort for long. I love your Cloud 7 coat, the colour matches your colouring perfectly. Sure you Mum would have enjoyed her Mediterranean meal, very healthy. Your friends, Habiti, Cecci and Crumpet look lovely, they have great names. Toodle Pip for now xxx

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