All the leaves are brown …

And the sky is gray. 

I’ve been on a walk img_5985(with my friends)img_5983On an Autumn day.

I’d be safe and warm img_5926If I was in a shop … LOL!

Just trying to make up words to a song we know – California Dreamin’.

Yes, Autumn is here – and school’s back. We look forward to our first Hyde Park Doodle meet this coming Sunday.  There will be brown leaves on the ground and we will have fun.

May’s comment: It’s SeptemberAutumn is here and we start a new season of Hyde Park Doodle meets.  As always, we will be meeting behind the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens at 10:30am. Group photo at 11:00am.

We’ve been thinking of what else we can do during the meets. Summer had come and gone and we never had a picnic day – blame it on the weather. We thought of agility but someone will have to bring the equipment.  If we walked, we will lose some of them! Any ideas?


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  1. Ian Harrison

    How about a Treasure Hunt with treats!

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