Gone for a heart transplant

Niki, that’s my Teddy.img_5799Are you taking him away?img_5797 Why?

Because he needs to have another heart transplant?img_5796 OK then. Bye bye Teddy. I’ll give you a kiss goodbye.img_5794Keep well and come back all better, OK?

Niki, promise me you won’t let Clemmie play with it.IMG_4594

May’s comment: A friend who is an award-winning seamstress as well as a dog lover totally understood my sentimentality regarding Teddy. She had offered to help mend Teddy.

I had bought it for Darcy on my first trip away from her.
IMG_4715Darcy had Teddy for over five years and whilst she had gutted all the others, she had lovingly nibbled at Teddy’s arms.

A couple of months ago, Charlie got a hold of Teddy and gutted his heart.  IMG_4554 It peaked Darcy’s curiosity and she started to gut him as well.  It got to the point that if I did not put a stop to it, there will be no more Teddy.  And that would upset me more than her. 🙂

Another good friend, Niki took the important package to Jane.  When Jane thought about the task on how she can make Teddy good again, there were essential questions to be answered.

The most important one is – what about the patch over Teddy’s heart?

Teddy patch over his heart indicated that it had heart surgery – a heart transplant.  It wasn’t a broken heart because there was nothing that would have caused that.IMG_4718I had not realised the significance of that patch.

I had gone away to New York two months after Darcy arrived home. I struggled with her puppydom – I did not like how her schedules of walks and feeding were limiting my lifestyle.  I had gone away to think about it only to find myself thinking about her every day I was away and counting down the days till I got home to her.

Like Teddy, I had a change of heart.  I think that’s why I connected with Teddy and that’s why Darcy loves Teddy.

Can’t wait to get Teddy back.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Poor Teddy! Never mind Miss D, I’m sure he’ll come home as good as new.

  2. Alison Mullett

    So lovely to read that Teddy will be given the chance of a renewed life.

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