I have earned my wings!

Out with Mummy always puts us in interesting situations …

We were at Chesney’s Fireplaces when Mummy thought I would photograph very well on the mantelpieces –Surely she didn’t meant in the fate of this poor creature.

Thankfully not. She meant my colouring (and size) complemented the greys and art pieces on the walls above the mantelpieces.And even against the stone pieces.No, Mummy, I wouldn’t sit up here the whole time looking pretty for your purposes.This looks like a Supermoon on the horizon!But it was this that caught Mummy’s attention …And she thought this made a good Instagram post!Might have earned my wings but still no halo yet! Wonder why!

May’s comments: Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay. – Dalai Lama XIV

Today’s post is about how beautiful George looked against all those sculptural pieces! Photos taken at Chesney’s Fireplaces.

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