Licking Delicious!

We’re anxious to eat it! Wonderful food, marvellous food, glorious food!

Our food delivery from Honey’s arrived just in time again. Mummy likes to live dangerously. She prefers to time it such that the last tube of food has been consumed and the freezer is ready for the next order. This time she managed to re-order just right but a few times she had miscalculated and had to improvise with minced meat from the butchers because she left it too late.

So what flavours have we got this time?Prime beef, free range chicken, free range duck, tender lamb, free range pork, wild venison, wild game, free range turkey, wild pheasant – we are wild and free!

Someone asked us how we feed – believe it or not, I get only a smidgen more of the meat than George does at approximately 100g per meal. What Mummy likes to do is to complement that with some fruits and veggies. When it comes to preparing food, there are plenty of great meals that can be prepared from your own kitchen; take a look at these slow cooker dog food recipes to see what I mean.Sometimes we have slices of bananas with cut up pieces of apple. Or cut up apples and mushed up garden peas.Or carrots and apples or peas added to the serving of meat. Every now and then we get a treat – a raw egg!Now isn’t that just a pretty sight.Ah yes, we always get a Verm-X for every meal and a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning.

After sitting patiently waiting for all that preparation …We have to wait to say grace before we are allowed to eat.

George always finishes first so I lick his bowl as well – every bit of morsel that’s left I lick it all up.Well, that was face-licking delicious!Can we have some more, please?

May’s comment: This is not an advertising for Honey’s Real Dog Food – someone asked us what we feed and how we feed, so we thought to share our various “recipes” – LOL!

Ever since Darcy turned two, we switched to raw feeding. Raw isn’t for everyone but it’s perfect for Darcy and now George.

I purposefully add something to the adequately vegged up meat but I find that if I give them only the Honey’s meat, their stools can become powdery. Diced up apples, carrots or Nutri-bullet the carrots and garden peas. Slices of bananas and the occasional raw egg that I mix up with the minced meat – which already has veggies in the mix.

What do we do when we travel? On short trips (2-3 days), we pack the raw meat in a container and leave them in the fridge. On longer trips, we do the same for the first 2 days and then we either do “room service” from places where they can accommodate – providing us with minced meat and chopped up carrots, add slices of bananas. Or we go out to the supermarket or local butcher to buy some minced meat and add the condiments – slices of bananas usually as that’s easiest.

Recently I’ve started giving them a tea spoonful of virgin coconut oil in their food. I’ve read that coconut oil is a preventative as well as an ability to cure diseases and ailments – yeast infections, smelly coats, hot spots, cuts that have been infected.

Verm-X is a natural formulation that helps to maintain all areas of intestinal hygiene while gentle on the gut and intestines. We still do deworming every four months – this is just an ongoing supplement.

We’ve tried all the raw options in the UK – simply because the others are packaged in such a way it’s easier to travel with but in the end, we stayed with Honey’s Real Dog Food. The portions are perfect – so the meat does not go bad. Some of the other containers are so large that it took awhile for us to finish the content and the meat started to smell really bad after a couple of days. I was told that Honey’s meat is also organic – a nice option.

Not everyone feeds raw. We chose this way because for two years when Darcy was a puppy, I refused to do anything but kibbles because of our travels. But I suffered and she suffered. Every few months we were at the vet. She just didn’t do well with kibbles – the best there is on the market. Whether its true of not, I was told that cockapoos have sensitive stomachs and she is such a princess – she reacts to anything that doesn’t agree. And also in the end, it proved not to be so difficult when travelling. We learnt to deal with it.

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  1. Margaret

    Hi miss darcy and George we also eat raw and it appears to suit us. We’ve tried kibble but we don’t like it very much and yes cockapoos can be very fussy eaters and have sensitive stomachs also we have raw chicken wings, duck wings or duck necks every other day as a treat.
    May is the coconut oil you use solid or a liquid form.

  2. Anne McCormack

    Good to see this food, May. You are quite right, Poos do have sensitive tummies. Ben is rather haphazard in his eating and will sometimes go for a couple of days without eating a proper meal. He goes worry us. Then he will go outside and eat those stringy weeds that pop up in the garden. He got me up at 2am a couple of days ago just to eat the weeds. Today he’s a bit smelly! I think he’s rolled in something but I didn’t see it.

    I wish he would sit as perfectly as Darcy and George for pictures but he’s just so nosey when I get the camera and sticks his nose in the lens.

  3. Karen

    Hi May thank you for posting about your pooches raw diet! I too have a Cockapoo Lottie who I feed kibble and plenty of veg! I have read so many positives about the raw diet, but have always been put off by so owners buying caresses! Not sure I could do that! But seeing the food you buy from Honeys seems a great option! Can I ask did you gradually change Miss Darcy’s diet from Kibble to raw? And also Lotties teeth seem to be getting a lot of tartar build up, do you find raw helps with this!! Thanks for a great post xx

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