I maybe small …

But I can terrorise even the biggest of dogs!

Orlando is a Hungarian Vizsla. He’s HUGE! When I went to visit him, I bared my teeth and he ran and sat on his mummy’s lap the whole time while I checked out his house.  And I bared my teeth at Galileo this past weekendHe ran and hid in a corner as I sat with his daddy.Even my sister – when she tells me off, I tell her off right back and put her in her place – even though she is twice my size.I have no fear! I can take on dogs of any size. Except Mummy tells me to “NO!” every time! 🙁

And other things I don’t like – the postman, motorbikes/scooters and delivery men in black helmets. Do you blame me?

May’s comment: Not a good trait, dinky George! His aggressive reaction to Orlando, Galileo and Theo could be because he is jealous that they are still “whole” and he’s jealous of their balls! LOL!  He wasn’t that way towards all the others we socialise with – Charlie, Winston, to name a few – all with no more balls! He loves Jaffa. He loved Maddie. He liked Lyra. Is it just the boys, especially “whole boys”? Otherwise, I cannot explain his behaviour.

This behaviour is relatively new. This little guy just keeps changing … he keeps me guessing what he’s going to be or do next.  While he seems to get more aggravated by other dogs, with me, he is inching closer than ever before. Last night, instead of his usual place – behind my knees or in between my legs (!!!) he came up and cuddled up next to me. Yes, Darcy on my right and he was on my left.

He does like to take on the role of Alpha Male. He gets mad when Darcy barks at another dog.  He tells her off and then he takes on the barking role. Sometimes he doesn’t even know why he’s barking.To the point that she doesn’t bother any more. Maybe she’s becoming completely mellow except when she sees a German Shepherd – then she gets really annoyed with them.

So what to do about his teeth baring. Little teeth but he sure can sneer and that sweet little face can be so threatening!


  1. Lisa King

    Found this on a site:

    “The most common type of altercation involves neutered males aggressing toward intact males. Neutered males smell like females. The scent of an intact male cause many neutered to react negatively toward them since intact males smell male. The scent of an intact male can cause tensions to rise even before the two dogs engage each other because intact males retain the ability to mate and give of the scent of male, which can be considered a threat to neutered males.

    While neutering isn’t known to affect the behavior or personality of the dog it can have a profound impact on the way neutered males perceive their intact counterparts. On the medical side there are many benefits such as longer life spans because neutering may help to reduce the risk of some cancers, particularly testicular cancer, mammary cancer (males & females) and pyometra – a life threatening uterine infection. Spaying a female does not have the same effect on reducing DDA as it does with males, although it does have the same health benefits.” From NJ.com

    • Miss Darcy

      Thank you for that. I think it must be the reason as he is extremely friendly when Charlie turned up this morning.

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