If you go down to the woods today …

You’ll see me sitting on some tree trunks!  Quite good camouflage.

Annie and Stanley took us to a new place to walk – East Sheen Commons.  It’s wooded and full of little paths where I could run into …

IMG_4049And disappear into the woods – oh, the smells, the interesting sights and sounds.IMG_4051 And coming out with muddy paws!IMG_4052 But Georgie – well, he had behaved so badly the last week, he was not allowed off the lead. Can you imagine what will happen to him if he was let off.IMG_4046We will never get to go home.

Along the way we met Oscar – feel like we know him.IMG_4064There were some interesting sculptural installations …IMG_4053which I had to take a photo with.IMG_4054And then we saw the grand old dame, Winnie who looked like a sheepskin rug from afar as she sat there refusing to go near her owner.IMG_4058 Eventually when she saw us hovering near her, she came over to see what we were doing.IMG_4061Annie, Stanley and George were helping the lady find some acorns so she can give them to the squirrels in her garden. That’s a good idea – maybe we can go to her garden to tempt those squirrels.

While I was sat on the other bench and surveyed the landscape IMG_4060 One last run into the woods and Stanley was looking after me as I ran off again IMG_4063 We left Sheen Commons and Annie drove us through Richmond Park and guess what we saw? A lot of deer!!!IMG_4070 Gosh! I would love to run and chase after them!!!IMG_4071Mummy said – NO!!! Remember Fenton the dog that chased the deer. She was not having us do anything like that!

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