An English Afternoon Tea with Aussies

Pam and Pete walked out of Facebook and turned up for tea – all the way from Adelaide, South Australia!!!  Yes, they did!

They’ve been travelling around Europe and London is their last stop before leaving to return home to Australia.  When they knew they were going to be in the city where we live, they asked if we could meet up! Mummy thought we should do something quintessentially English for the Aussies – and besides it’s Mummy’s favourite meal of the day – Afternoon Tea!

IMG_4154We arrived at The Egerton House Hotel which is not far from where we live.  We waited to be shown our table.IMG_4187When they showed us the menu, we knew immediately it was the right thing to have done.  IMG_4155After all their travels, a good English Afternoon Tea would help them to rest, revive and rejuvenate! Perfect concoction!

We have never met Pam and Pete before, but we “know” each other from Facebook.  And they also read my blog!!! But when they arrived, it was as if we have known each other for a long time.

They were delighted to see George!  Pam told him off for being naughty the other day for running away. But he blinked his weepy eyes and acted so innocent that there was hardly any scolding. He melted their hearts. So what’s new?IMG_4161They were keen to meet us because you see Pam and Pete have two doggies of their own back in Adelaide.IMG_4185Pam showed me a photo of Honey who is a Spoodle (as they call them in Australia) and Max who is a beagle-cavalier.  They’ve been away from them for a long time, so I think I know why we met them today – they needed some hug therapy!!!! 12112135_968460649861814_324006941763230233_nAfter all the hugging, the ritual of the English Afternoon Tea began. 12140076_968464679861411_4650620185155948258_o-2Pete wanting a photo of the waiter pouring tea.IMG_4159 And then came the part I like the best!  Stacked plates of food!!!IMG_4179Lovely presentation, Sir. IMG_4181May I have some please?IMG_4174Well, apparently not.  It just doesn’t seem fair – there’s so much on the plate – you would think the humans would share.IMG_4183So I sat and watched while each item on the tiered plates slowly disappeared …1398998_968464769861402_5152994977107722090_oPhoto credit: Pete Hayward

I had to try.12140590_968464683194744_7539831778799873375_nPhoto credit: Pete Hayward

Oh, Mummy- didn’t you say we must learn to share? 12140818_968461326528413_3575783620488639080_nPhoto credit: Pete Hayward

As we were leaving, we spotted this on the wall –IMG_4186That looks like an Afghanhound but the top left could be a Cockapoo! and George could be the fifth one down!

May’s comment:

We have never met Pam and Pete before in person but we’re friends on the various cockapoo/spoodle FB pages – so we know what the other looked like.  When they knew they were stopping over in London, we had to meet.  And when they showed up, it was as if they had walked out of Facebook and turned up for tea!12095066_968464903194722_3093218266616583900_oPhoto credit: Pete Hayward

Pam suggested we should go to one of the ever so many dog-friendly places in London that we frequent. I thought it would be nice to do something quintessentially English – nothing like a cup of tea with all the scones and finger sandwiches and (too much) cakes!11893875_968464786528067_3189642007957059547_oPhoto credit: Pete Hayward

We took them to our favourite trusted dog-friendly hotel group Red Carnation Hotels. And they never fail to make us feel welcomed – especially the dogs.IMG_4189Their London hotels are:

  • The Milestone Hotel in Kensington – where we have often been to tea with visitors from out-of-town
  • 41 Hotel in Belgravia
  • The Egerton House Hotel in Knightsbridge
  • The Chesterfield in Mayfair
  • The Montague on the Gardens by the British Museum
  • The Rubens at the Palace opposite Buckingham Palace

We have stayed with them at Ashford Castle when we were in Ireland – we were made to feel so welcome.  Ever since then we’ve been loyal to them and now that we know there are quite a few Red Carnation hotels in London, we will just have to go for tea at each of them! 🙂

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  1. Pam Welford

    Thanks May, Darcy and George it was the best place to meet you gorgeous dogs and we had the best time! A very happy memory indeed of London ??

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