I’m a little ink blot

I am getting a complex when I hang out with the likes of my sister, Barnaby and Freddie.

You see most of the time, Mummy doesn’t even take me along when they go out. But when I am included, I am so chuffed.I try my best to keep up.

Maybe it’s because I don’t feature well in group photos – I’m a small, dinky (once my nickname) black dog.  Most of the time, next to those three giants, I am like an ink blot.First I’m in the pictureAnd then not!By now I am getting a complex and I am unsure if I should even look up.I look like I am in the way of everyone else posing.Can you find me in this picture?No place for me here.And sometimes the “props” are so large, I couldn’t be seen, so I don’t get to pose with the others.And when I do get into the picture,even a flower can block me from view. And when more doodles joined us, aka Maisie and Mac, and I thought, aha! now we are even – three black pooches. And then I got pushed to the side. 🙁It was time for some breakfast as we headed off to Roast Coffee – photo op, said the hoomans. Yay, I get to sit in the front because I am the smallest. And then the inevitable happened.Everyone had a coffee cup so they can make the Instagram post – and I got left out – again!And then today, this said it all! Someone took this photo of the four of us at Roast Coffee and posted this on Instagram –Note: They cut me out!!! I didn’t feature.

I can pose as well as any of the other doods! Note, I can even smile unlike my sister who has the Victoria Beckham look most of the time!!!!May’s comment: George has come a long way from a rescue dog to posing mutt. He does really well most of the time but he is so small and black that he really doesn’t feature well when posing with the other grand old cockatoos. He’s lost. I feel badly for him, so I posted him on our Instagram page – MissDarcyLondonCockapoo. And even then whenever I post him  he never gets as many likes as Darcy does. I wonder why.  To be honest, he features better on our blog! Maybe he’s just not made for Instagram.


  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Awww George don’t feel left out you are a super star in your own right…maybe you should wear more brightly coloured bandanas to stand out from the crowd.. start your very own range of “look at me” or something similar. ???

  2. Julie James

    This made me chuckle! Poor little George! X

  3. Marion

    George is fabulous and I miss him when he’s not in your photo’s Darcy

  4. Sandra Curran

    Aw don’t worry George we love you just as much as Darcy and seeing your pictures too. You are a little star in your own right xx

  5. Cheryl

    Oh George, please don’t feel bad. You are such a snuggle bug, think of all the people who always want to pick you up and cuddle you. You are a lover!

  6. Sian Widner

    I love little George! He is small but mighty!! I miss him when he is not in a photo!

  7. Eppie Giles

    I love you George.
    I love Darcy. Too
    I love reading your adventures.

  8. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    We love you George Xx

  9. Made me smile….love George x

  10. Fiona Reid

    I adore George and doesn’t he look so handsome?! Xx

  11. Maree

    Oh george you might be small but you are so cute and cuddly. Remember great things Come in small parcels . Xxxooo

  12. Lucy Cronin

    Luca & I love George! He is so cute & lovable. ❤️?❤️

  13. Margaret Danks

    Oh my darling Georgie. I so look forward to seeing your little face. A million likes from Maggiedog and I. ?❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️

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