That was what someone asked Mummy when he saw the dog buggy!

Our thoughts exactly.

A few weeks ago, there arrived a box …A very large box.What’s inside the big box, Mummy?And we soon found out. Mummy put me in it to see if I fit.She told me to lie down – and I did.And then she put George in it with me!!!!Yesterday we took it on a trial run …Once out the gate, someone else walking a dog, muttered under her breath –Some walk, that is.”

Sorry, Ma’am. You know not why we do what we do. We were just going for a trail run to see if we would be ok.

But everyone else exclaimed, “OMG!!! How cute is that!” And several people asked to take our photo. One of them took this of us.Ahhh, it is not so bad being pushed around.
We both fit inside comfortably and we just sat and watched to world go by as Mummy wheeled us around.

She tried going into a store – and realised it was just like pushing a pram – like how she used to with Little Tyke. You see, there are some places we’re not allowed inside and Mummy wanted to see if this would work. So we will be testing those territories.

This was just a trial run – we’ll check out some places in buggy soon and let you know! New means of transportation, new frontiers!

May’s comment: I never thought I would ever push my dogs in a buggy, but I have to say, when I tried it at Bicester Village, it was a game changer.

This is not an alternative for their walks, but for going to places where they are usually not allowed in unless they are carried, (eg. Selfridges) or in a buggy (Bicester Village).  We have heard there are others – so this is another way to integrate them into my daily schedule.The InnoPet dog buggy is Dutch made and was bought from Pet Pyjamas.  It was the brand they use at Bicester Village, so having tested it, I know it was of good quality.  Ours was the Grey Comfort air-filled tyres

With two dogs in it, at 10kg and 6 kg, they definitely weighed it down. Not sure if we can do two cockapoos in it.

Belinda and I pulled together to get this buggy for shared use. And we’re happy to loan it out to anyone in London for a small fee.




  1. Alison

    Great idea – also perfect for puppy phase of a dogs life. I seem to carry My pup for hours on end – it is hard to carry anything else.
    Will be interested to hear if extra shops let you in

  2. Sarah Johnson

    Also for elderly/arthritic dogs.
    However THIS is the real deal: I can see you guys going everywhere in one:

  3. Maria

    Fabulous! Hope it opens up many avenues for you three x

  4. Margaret Danks

    Georgous looks so happy in it ?❤️

  5. Connie Hester

    I have one and it is wonderful. I have two older girls who are not always ready to meet new people or pets so it works perfect for that also, and when they are in and the mesh cover closed I have never been told I couldn’t bring them inside, and the US is
    not always pet friendly

  6. Jeanne

    I have a 12-year-old Scottie who used to love hour-long walks, but she cannot walk far or fast any longer. Yet she still loves to get out. I am often greeted with rude remarks like “Now THAT is a spoiled dog.” I find it really irritating that people are so judgmental and don’t stop to think there may be a health reason for a dog to be in a buggy. I walk my 4-year-old Cockapoo alongside the buggy, so they can see that it isn’t just me needlessly pampering the Scottie.

  7. I used one when I got my 2nd dog, it was a way I could walk my adult dog and take the puppy with me so neither missed out due to the others needs, it worked perfectly, I only bought a cheap one as I knew they’d outgrow it quickly (both standard size) but I then passed it on to a friend with an elderly dog who was then able to go on outings with his family instead of being left home alone.

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