I’m a “Posh Pet” – so they say …

Oh look, we’re featured as part of an article in The Telegraph about a new TV documentary series on ITV – The Secret World of Posh Pets” – 

No, we’re not getting married.  And we’re not millionaires. LOL! We just do things that fits Mummy’s lifestyle. We live in a London flat – it rains quite a bit, so we wear clothes so we are allowed to sleep on the bed. But Mummy’s picky and wants us to have “stylish” coats that keeps us dry.

And it is Mummy that has “separation anxiety” not us! That’s why she takes us almost everywhere with her.

May’s comment: Be very careful when they ask you questions in an interview – they love to stretch the truth! ??? Featured in an article about a new ITV series “The Secret World of Posh Pets” in today’s Telegraph’s News Review & Features. Yes we go to nice restaurants to show how dog-friendly London can be and they can be a part of your regular life – being the purpose of our blog.

Yes, I had a short-lived small business making dog coats which resulted from not being able to find anything that’s “stylish’ yet and practical (cover up their chest and part of their legs). 

And yes, I really do all that for my dogs because they live in my world – and they sleep on my bed.

That’s what happens when you have no children – you make these furry babies your own. Because they give me a chance to be responsible for another. Without asking they give back so much. Over used coined phrase – unconditional love – don’t know how else to describe their ever happiness in seeing you, their need to be with you. My dogs are not spoiled. They are very much-loved and my life wouldn’t be as rich without them.

The documentary series “The Secret World of Posh Pets” starts next Friday on ITV at 8.00pm. It looks at some of “the more unusual pets owned by the rich, and detailing the charmed life some of these animals lead.”  We don’t really fall into that category! We are a dog that blogs.

The first episode shows some millionaires marrying off their dog. I think this is to show the extremes of some owners. But all the pets featured are not dogs. They range from falcons to cats but a dog featured is in every episode. They will also show dogs at Lucknam Park’s dog retreat. We will be featured in one of them, I believe on the 21 July. I hope it won’t come across as “ridiculous” – cest la vie.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    The media loves to exaggerate. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story!

  2. Julie

    I don’t blame you for loving your fur babies. They are every bit as special as real babies. I have had both so I can say it. When it comes to stretching the truth, surely your age is wrong. You’re never 58!! You look amazing.

  3. Margaret Danks

    I’m looking forward to your episode May. We, your blog readers and virtual ‘friends’ will take it as it is… a peek into the life of you, MissD and Georgeous, and not forgetting little Churchill. We all know the press is made up of 10% truth and 90 % fiction. No wonder celebs get frustrated lol.

    And 58?… never ?

  4. My dogs are my babies and yes like yours May they are not spoilt but loved very much .

  5. ooo cannot wait to see you on the programme. My dogs are also my fur babies & when asked how many dogs do you own, I always reply, I do not own any. They are my family & whilst I work they get to relax at home.
    The joy they bring to me is immeasurable.
    I love that you say your dogs are not spoiled, as people always say I spoil mine, however I just reply that my dogs have just trained me very well.

  6. Sarah

    May years ago we were persuaded by our children to do a “reality” (!!!) tv programme.
    The one goid thing to come of it was that the kids learned the hard way how, as one of them put it later, “all TV is fake”

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