I’m ready for dinner – where’s everydoggy?

It’s the annual Belgravia Dog Show and I get to go –Because Mummy couldn’t take three of us. Besides George would be barking at every dog and Churchill will be pulling at every dog treat.

After checking in, the obligatory photo with Dogs Trust “balloon dog” …

Antique cars at a Dog Show? Must be because we’re in Belgravia 🙂

Ah, here we are. Mummy thought it would be fun to enter me in a couple of competitions – prettiest eyes and best dancing dog?  But how will they see my eyes under that fringe?  Ahh, let’s check out the scene from these chairs. And even though there were lots of us doggies, there were security officers to make sure we are all safe. We checked out some of the stalls. Ah yes, we know Rockster!They had laid out the most amazing dining table for us doggies!A bowl for Rockster food and a bowl for broth soup! So where’s every doggy? I’m ready for supper!I’m ready for some soupAh yes the broth is deeee-li-cious! Except that it messed up by muzzle for the presentation.  Should never eat before a show!

And then the competitions began.

The waggiest tails category … A black lab won the rosette. His tail did not stop wagging from the minute he entered the competition tent!

And then it was our turn. Probably the most popular of all the categories because everyone thinks their dogs eyes are not just the prettiest eyes but also the most beautiful –because they are the window to our souls. They speak volumes for us.  Those pleading eyes gets us food and love as well.

There were a lot of us in the competition tent …All different sizes –Yikes!!!! My “pretty eyes” spied a German Shepherd! And my pretty eyes were filled with fear and annoyance!I barked, of course. But then my “pretty eyes” also spotted pretty little Frances, a coton du tulearMummy thinks she’s super cute! 

No, we didn’t win that competition – the assistant dog for diabetes with her owner won the rosette because she never stopped looking at her owner the entire time! Well deserved.

We thought we might have a chance at bast dancing dog but we had to leave. That’s because we had left George and Churchill with neighbours, we promised them we would be home by a certain time. So we rushed off. Darn! I think I stood a chance to at least be third with my right twirls and left twirls and walking on two feet. Never mind. Never won a rosette in any competitions but that’s ok. I don’t need one person to determine I am the best in anything.  It was enough talking around the grounds and have so many tell me I looked pretty! 🙂 That’s plenty. Thank you!

It was a great summer dog pawty!

May’s comment: I don’t really like competitions either except this was a charity for Dogs Trust whom we support regularly. So its was for the fun of it and a fun way of contributing to the charity. I liked that their competitions were not about how handsome or pretty are the dog and bitches but the competitions highlighted the qualities of dogs that we all love – waggiest tails, prettiest eyes, etc, etc. We definitely did not enter “the most lookalike” – I couldn’t compete with Darcy’s long-legged blond look! Nowhere close! LOL!


  1. Julie

    It looked like a well organised fun event. I’m not sure my Wilbur would be well behaved enough. X

  2. Jane Hamon

    Darcy, you are “best at greeting” when we haven’t seen each other in a while! xx

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