I’m Free. Are you?

Today is the last Sunday of March – when we usually have our Hyde Park Doodle Meet.

But you know why we didn’t and why we shouldn’t!

So instead, we tried to meet up virtually!

We’re here! Ready for a House Party!

One of the things we must do is to keep in touch with each other. With today’s technology, we decided to still meet virtually using the House Party App.

May’s comment: Stay at home. Stay distant. Stay safe. Stay in touch.

This is the first time in the last eight years that we haven’t been able to meet up. So we took to the internet and hooked up – as a trial run – for our future meets!!!

We’re taking time to stay in touch with friends, especially those who are on their own – via the good old fashion way – by phone or email, and there’s Facebook Messaging, Instagram messaging, WhatsApp chats, and now we have found HomeParty! Yay!!!!

However it limits it to eight attendees at one time. So we need to find another option. Anyone who wants to hook up, please feel free to connect.

Please stay home and keep safe. But it is important to keep in touch. One of the things we like to do is to wave at the friends in our neighbourhood.

Hi Lyra! Are you home?
Hi Laura and Steve! We drop off groceries and we take home made meals,


  1. Cheryl

    So glad you got to have a virtual Doodle Romp, better than nothing.
    Try Zoom, I’m assuming it’s available in the UK. It’s a free app, and allows up to 100 users. Downside is the free version only allows for 40 minute meetings. The paid version allows for any length. We’ve been using it for my knitting group, it’s worked well. We’ve had a few glitches, but those were due to user error and not the app!?
    There’s lots of YouTube videos to get you started.
    Stay well

  2. Carole

    We are using Zoom to have a family party night every Sunday until we can meet up again xx

  3. Jill Green

    I’ll second Zoom… The 40 minute cut off is a bit of a pain. I’m going to set up 2 back to back meetings next time I use it for my group. Its worth unplugging your landline while using it…. I so rarely get calls on it, apart from those annoying ones, but of course got one in the middle of my Zoom meet just now, which froze everything.

    Miss D and Georgie.. Do you think your Ma has gone slightly mad? Mine seems to have forgotten all the things we normally do. No more more outings and excursions. I don’t meet my human or doggie friends I try standing by the door with my collar or my ball in my mouth……… and nothing happens! Its all very perplexing. Love Charlie

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