Impostor does L.A.

Impostor had quite a full two days in Los Angeles.  She went almost everywhere with Mummy.  

On Monday she went to Santa Monica and was at The Viceroy for breakfast.
IMG_9481There were all these plates on the wall and Mummy thought they looked like thought bubbles coming from Impostor. If so, she sure looks confused.IMG_9484They had breakfast by the pool.  In the hotel lobby, two greyhounds guarded the entrance to the elevator bank. IMG_9485Later in the day, she met Jake and his ownersIMG_9512Tuesday was a full on day.IMG_9656The day began with breakfast at The Montage with Laura – before walking over to Rodeo Drive …IMG_9659There were mostly all the same shops we see back in London!
IMG_9670IMG_9676This rather interesting sculpture inside Christian Dior.
IMG_9667After a brief walk down this world-renowned shopping street, they got back in the car, as one does in L.A. and drove through Beverly Hills.  IMG_9677They saw some well-known landmarks …IMG_9680Before Laura dropped off Mummy and Impostor at Hotel Bel-AirIMG_9694They walked around the pretty gardensIMG_9691Before Mummy met Karen for lunch.

Right after that, Mummy told Impostor that they were off to see a friend, Shawn in West Hollywood.IMG_9702Mummy last saw Shawn about 27 years ago – they used to work together at an advertising agency in New York.  They had lost touch after Mummy left New York …IMG_9703But thanks to Facebook, they reconnected. They caught up quickly during that short visit and promised each other that they will get together again in London or L.A.

The next mission for the day – to find this rather cool dog boutique called Max-Bone at North La Cienega. IMG_9719We must tell you more about this lovely place another time – it deserves it’s own posts.

Before day’s end, they arrived at one of Mummy’s previous stomping ground …
IMG_9736 And met some of the staff at The Peninsula Beverly Hills –  they still remember herIMG_9726Mummy took Impostor along the familiar hallways on the way to The Spa where Mummy thought after all the day’s events, she needed a little spa treatment! IMG_9729 Impostor sat in the locker while Mummy had a relaxing time. If I was there, they would not be able to put me in a locker!

Then they were off to meet more friends at The Century – a building in Century City that Mummy was one of Mummy’s projects in California.IMG_9738 It sure was a big building!IMG_9747They couldn’t go in but instead, they went to dinner at –IMG_9743During this trip, she also met some very special Californian canines – who shared their home with Mummy and Impostor.IMG_9642Jasper, Emma and Gus

Jasper was particularly curious as to what Mummy was doing every night, so he jumped up on the chair and read what was on the computer screen. IMG_9576 Jasper asked, “Is that us on the computer?”IMG_9575Yes, it sure is, Jasper.  Someday, Mummy said, we will visit L.A. and we hope we will get to meet.

May’s comment: I always enjoy my time in Los Angeles. I have so many fond memories and so many friends.

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