Amazing Jake!

This is Jake and he is simply amazing!IMG_9494Jake lives in Los Angeles and we “met” Jake and his family through our blog.  IMG_9528You see, what is so amazing about Jake is that he is completely blind. He was born without being able to see. Yet Jake must have an in-built GPS and an antennae that guides him through everything – going down steps, manoeuvring around furniture and finding his toys!

He even manages to run around his home, chasing his best friend, Piglet IMG_9545(yes, Piglet is a dog!)

His heightened sense of hearing and smell helps to guide him. But he had also learnt to gauge height and distances – he first puts his paw or chin onto a surface before jumping up and uses his tail to gauge what is around him.

When Mummy knew she would be visiting Los Angeles, she made sure to meet Jake.IMG_9521She brought Jake biscuits from “Biscuiteers” – our favourite biscuit shop in London.IMG_9499 Jake’s a fussy eater …IMG_9503 But he seemed to like the treats all the way from London.IMG_9505 And of course, they had to have that photo with Impostor!IMG_9512And then it was goodbye … IMG_9563And one last photo.

Mummy said while she was very happy to have met Jake, she also felt really sad to say goodbye.

May’s comment: I met Dick and Melanie through our blog.  Dick wanted to share Jake’s amazing story about how he coped with life – Perfect in every way.

Dogs just seem to get on with living without complaining about their misfortunes and mishaps. They may have been hurt, disfigured and rejected but they take life one day at a time, making the most of everything around them.

We kept in touch over the past year, and Dick was always supportive of what we did back in London.  And when I was coming to LA, it was my priority to visit Jake and his family.

We spent an afternoon together – just talking, sharing our love for our dogs.IMG_9556Jake is a constant companion and provides great amusement for Dick.  For Melanie who felt she just could not have another dog after her last Westie passed on, she cannot imagine life without Jake.

Dogs can steal our hearts even when they have physical or emotional issues. In fact they bring out in most of us our maternal/paternal instinct to protect and care for them. They give us such unconditional love and their loyalty just because we are there for them.

Our afternoon together flew by so quickly. When we said “goodbye” I felt like I’ve left a piece of my heart behind.

Thank you Dick and Melanie for a really lovely afternoon, for spending time with me and sharing Jake.


  1. Alison Mullett

    How lovely to meet Jake “in the flesh” – what a handsome boy and a wonderful character he is. Amazing how animals accept their lot in life.

  2. Jill Keiser

    So nice for you to get to meet Jake in California! Glad he has such loving parents and a sweet loving sibling in Piglet!

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