IMPOSTOR goes to Hokkaido

Yes, that is a foam board cut-out of me –

And that is Mum hiding in an igloo with IMPOSTOR aka The IMP.

The IMP goes where I, nor George can go. This time it is to the northern most island in Japan – Hokkaido, as Mum is there to meet up with My BUDDY and Lil’ SIS for half term break.

It is a bit wasted on The IMP as it will only get wet in the snow.

If I were there – I would be rolling in it and rubbing my furry face in the white powder!

All The IMP does is sit and poses.

Mum’s travel experiences with The IMP have been quite nonchalant. Whenever she had taken photos of it in situ, no one seem to even notice. Or if they did, they ignored her. But when Mum asked the guy who was making the igloo if he could take a photo of them together – he had a good chuckle.

He even asked what is the “dog’s” name? Mum couldn’t say IMPOSTOR, so she told him it was a copy of her dog called ‘Darcy.’ LOL!

Mum knew they had made his day because they kept laughing and shaking his head as he took these photos of Mum and IMPOSTOR.

And did we tell you that My BUDDY travels with his own “pooch” – called Nomstrovsky!

So while we are apart, Mum gets to spend time with My BUDDY,

Lil’ SIS,


and Nomstrovsky!

While I get to run in wide open fields at the House of Mutt and hang out with the pack.

May’s comment: IMPOSTOR has existed for more than six years and it came about when I really wanted to have my “Princess Di” photo taken in front of the Taj Mahal – and so wanted it with Darcy and of course it would never be possible for two reasons – I couldn’t take a dog to India and they do to allow dogs on the palace grounds except for strays! (Seriously!) But I also then found out that they regarded the two dimensional cutout as a “dog” – so The IMP never even made it inside!

Since then The IMP has been with me on trips to various Middle Eastern countries and to Thailand quite a few times.

This is my first time skiing in Japan – and my first time in Hokkaido.

The first few nights, it felt strange not to have to wake up and not have the dogs suddenly raise their heads from sleep to watch my very next steps. The thing on their minds – breakfast? My instinctive reaction was always to look at where they are on the bed.

Well, Sasha was a good replacement.

We were mainly in the Hanazono ski area of Niseko – beautiful scenery.

It snowed just about every day so the skiing conditions were excellent!

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