February Doodle Meet-up

This weekend brings us to the last Sunday of February – the Valentine month (as well as the Chinese Valentine’s).

Join us on Sunday, 23 February for our Hyde Park Doodle Meet where we can celebrate LOVE for our doodles!

Venue: behind the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens

Time: 11am (group photo at 11.30am)

May’s comment: Enjoy the February Doodle Meet Up on Sunday 23rd, February

Darcy will still be at the House of Mutt – being DAWG!

George will still be running wildly on a looooong leash in Dorset

And though I’ll be out from hiding in the igloo with Impostor … I’ll still be in the air hoping I will be allowed back in the country.

We will announce the Dog Movie Screening for March soon!

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