Impostor meets the Petra dogs

She does get around, doesn’t she?

Mummy said she wasn’t going to spend time doing our blog on HER holiday and finally getting to a place that had long been on her “bucket list” …img_9888But something happened that changed her mind. img_9775They were on the main trail that leads to The Treasury – and as the got through that narrow gap …img_9776The first thing that Mummy saw after she went “Wow!” – she saw a dog in the midst of all that was going on. Hawkers, people peddling wares, camels and donkeys.img_9878And then she saw another!  She was excited! 🙂

But there’s a photo app that needed to be taken.  After Mummy took hers and then one with Impostorimg_9794She wanted one of just Impostor.

Everyone offered to help position Impostor – the driver and one of the guys selling wares. 
img_9798At first they suggested putting a rock to hold the two-dimensional me but then the guy saw that it had a stand at the back.img_9907So he hid behind holding Impostorimg_9804They were such good sports!

Now that got her startedimg_9820She asked if these two guards would take a photo with Impostor and they declined saying they would look silly posing with a cardboard photo!  However they wouldn’t mind if either Mummy or the driver was in the photo.  Well, that was easy.

Next, the camel was the target.
img_9811Even the camel was unsure about Impostor.img_9809And what about the dog – the one with a collar.  Mummy thought it would be nice to have a photo of Impostor with a local.img_9807But the river (on the left) and one of the peddlers were unsure if the dog would bite Impostor or might bark at her!img_9806They took so long that the dog looked up. They could have just put Impostor down quickly. So funny!img_9829There were a couple of others, and Mummy saw a litter of kitten with their mother.  There were also donkeys and horses.  I and George would have gone berserk with all these four legged creatures but these dogs were just used to the whole environ.img_9846So it was a good thing that it was Impostor who went on the trip.

The whole place is rather pinkish and Impostor blended right in!img_9827After Petra they drove to Wadi Rum – the area was vast and there was no one about. So Mummy thought to do the “Titanic” pose with Impostorimg_9896 But the wind blew her over.img_9897Oops! Mummy, she really is just two-dimensional.

May’s comment:  It was hilarious how the driver and every local we met took “Impostor” so seriously.  They did not laugh at her, nor me – instead they asked her name and they helped me with every pose of her!

I miss my pooches but I know they are both having a good time.  Every time I get out of bed, I look down expecting some flurry of activity as they both jump off the bed with me. Or getting out of the car, I look back not having anyone to restrain rom just jumping out of the car. 🙂

Jordan, Petra in particular, had long been on the bucket list but with all the uncertainties in the region, one keeps waiting, hoping things would improve.  I could keep waiting or I can decide to let fate play it’s course. I chose fate. img_9793Not to say I was not nervous to begin with, and then less nervous after I got to know people who live here.  They’ve been amazingly helpful in sorting out plans.

We ran through the Main Trail – there’s so much to see but I am here for a week and not enough time.  But I’ve been here, seen it and tick it off the list. Tomorrow we’ll be going from Red Sea to Dead Sea and back to Amman.  Grateful.  Next destination – maybe somewhere that’s further away from the conflict zone. Can’t wait to get home to have Together time with pooches.


  1. Cheryl

    How exciting, but please be safe!

  2. Daniel Hall

    Great to see photos of the fantastic place from a person who has actually been there. Before I only have seen videos/films of it. Is there much security there? Have a safe journey.

    • Miss Darcy

      There’s security at ever hotel entrance and then along the roads police stop cars randomly to check. Pretty funky to think across the border people are being killed everyday and here life continues. Whatever that can happen here can happen in London too. Or anywhere.

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