George – in the spotlight

So, George – it’s been three months since you’ve joined our household.  How are we doing?

I think you’re ok. I really do. I know you’re still realising a lot of things in our world but Mummy said you’re a very quick learner.  You watch intently what I’m doing or what Mummy does for me.  You just want to be a part of it – sometimes for the good and sometimes – not so good.IMG_0284One of the good and funny things you like is being bathed. You would watch when Mummy gives me a wash and wait around when Mummy uses the hairdryer to blow me dry. And you would wait as if saying – I’m next?  And when Mummy puts you in the bathtub, you stay so still and when you usually do not stay when told to – you would stand in the bathtub even when Mummy walks out of the bathroom.IMG_9102 You seem to appreciate being cleaned and you would sit still for a blow-dry.

You were brilliant at recall early on. But one day when we were out on a big walk you saw me hunting and chasing squirrels. Oh well, that killed your recall. It’s not that you don’t want to come back, you just don’t realise that you could get lost.  I am not so good myself with recall when I have hundreds of squirrels to chase but I know how to come back and I always check to see where Mummy is even though I run far and wide.  But you don’t seem to have learnt that. So it seems for now, as long as Mummy’s knee isn’t so good for running, you’re not allowed off lead.

And you learnt to bark at other dogs when on a lead – I only bark at big black ones but you feel you need to bark at all of them. What a racket you make! Embarrassing!

(May’s comment: He is such a fast and elegant runner. It’s a shame to not let him off. Will have to work on that recall or it will not be enjoyable walking with him in the park.)

We did get into a spat about a month ago when you were trying to be alpha dog. Mummy would have none of it and nipped your bad behaviour, i.e. being aggressive towards me – IMMEDIATELY! And you have learnt this very quickly. All it took was one training session and you were put back in your place.George LickingBut you still tell me off whenever I nose too close to your dinner.  Mummy thinks you swear at me – because I feel hurt each time you’ve done it.

(May’s comment: Whatever it is that George says to Darcy when she tries to even look at his bowl of food is very effective! She turns away with such a sad look on her face. One time she was half way through eating when she got too close to him. George gave a little bark and Darcy actually turned and walked away from her half finished bowl of food – something she would never do willingly. So I think he swears at her and as you know, she’s such a little lady and does not like abusive words.)

And if you had it your way, we would be playing all day.  I, not so much. But you do get me going – from early morning when we wake up, always in the late afternoon and again in the evening. IMG_0296 IMG_0808 IMG_0800(May’s comment: This is one of the reasons I am glad George is in our lives. When I am busy working, Darcy would sit quietly under my desk the whole time. When she was little she used to come up every now and then and paw at me to play. But over time she has given up.  But George when he gets bored of lying around, gets her to play and interact.)

And just as Mummy was so proud of you, George, boasting about how amazing your toilet training took all of five weeks – just two mornings ago you let out the biggest puddle on the edge of the hall runner.  Mummy could not believe her eyes and you got a good scolding. And whenever you know you’ve done something wrong, you run to hide under Mummy’s desk.IMG_0734Although I feel badly for you, I would stay far away from “he-who-has-done-wrong!”  I don’t like it when Mummy gets mad – so I feel sad too.IMG_0733But that never lasts long.  Mummy’s strict but we always get her with our soulful eyes – when we give her the look of repentance. 🙂 And she will then pick us up and explain to us why she’s mad – not that we fully understand but it’s nice to have cuddles.

On the subject of toilet training – why do you run in circles before you poo?

And you can pee for ALL of ENGLAND! It seems every 20 steps, you have to make your mark.

You’ve learnt a few tricks – in such a short time. A paw …

And even knows how to say – please. But you don’t quite understand “stay” and “wait” very well – which is a frequent command from Mummy because she wants us to pose.IMG_0180_2But you did better than me with Santa – you never barked at him. I did until I learnt recently that he is just a man with a funny hairy face with a weird red thing on his head.IMG_0128We’ve already had adventures. We have travelled on trains, ferries, tubes and cars.  You did extremely well given it was your first trip, other than your long journey from Hungary.

We haven’t quite passed the jealousy stage completely, I think.  Whenever Mummy gives me some attention, you want it too.  But you haven’t growled at me when Mummy’s holding you and I come to have a look-see what’s going on.

These nights, we sometimes cuddle up when we sleep. I am not so enamoured by the idea but I tolerate you.  Sometimes a little growl to show my displeasure, but I am also less territorial with my space because after awhile I would stretch out on my own. IMG_0818 Sweet, sweet George. You can be such a lap dog but you can also lose yourself in a chase and forget where you are and who you are.IMG_0821You have adapted amazingly well. No more fear of big trucks, buses or cars. You have learnt to walk with confidence, sometimes too confidently, and you board buses and trains like a pro. You watch what I do and you know it’s safe and you follow.  We are so proud of you, Georgie.

And everywhere we go, you simply steal the show. I used to get all the attention but people literally stop to ask us about you.  And the guessing game begins – what kind of dog are you?  A Heinz 57, Mummy would say. Shih-tzu? Yorkie? Poodle? Hungarian mudi? Even Schnauzer! We don’t know and that’s ok because whatever you are – you’ve turned out gorgeous in your own way. And living up to your namesake – Mr. Clooney.

Though one of the funniest things we’ve heard said about you – “George must have worried a lot about his life – that’s why he’s turned grey!” LOL!!!! C9A6731-1024x682-2Mummy said and I agree that we’re thankful that you have “rescued” us.  It’s been a learning experience for all three of us. But we cannot imagine life without you, Georgie._C9A6700



  1. Cintia

    Ahhhhh, such kind words about you George! Well done little kutya! 😉

  2. Janet Novak

    Sending love to Darcy and Dinky George too!

  3. Maggie Danks

    Whst a beautiful accolade to Your lovely fur family May. You have a good soul.

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