George in training …

No, he hasn’t regressed, though that’s debatable when it comes to new surroundings and strange smells!  This time he is in training or re-familiarisation of the SleepyPod Air. It’s only three and a half  weeks before he and Mummy are going on their trip to Mallorca and we thought it’s time for George to remember the good things about the Sleepy Pod Air.
IMG_4692 Mummy held Georgie and showed him the bagIMG_4702 And then eased him inside. IMG_4782 He went in without a struggle and laid down.IMG_4695“So where are my treats? asked GeorgeIMG_4694He didn’t even come out when Mummy asked him to. He was happy sitting in it – more treats, please!IMG_4700May’s comment: Nicely surprised as to how calm George was with the whole exercise. We’ll keep doing this every day – doesn’t hurt to reinforce good habits.

George had been in the SleepyPod Air only once before but we were travelling by train – just to get him used to it before our planned trip last year – which never happened. On that trip, I had Darcy and George, so I took the roller bag and the Sleepy-Pod sat on it while I had Darcy in the other hand. IMG_2043-580x435It couldn’t have been a fantastic experience for George because the roller bag toppled over twice as George was not balanced properly inside. But still he remembered the treats that came with it.

This time we’re going in cabin so the length of time will be longer, albeit for approximately two hours during each leg of the flights – three flights altogether. First, Lufthansa to Frankfurt and then Air Berlin to Mallorca!  By the time we return, he would be a pro.

I’ve been looking for a bag that would fit most airlines requirements.  Some were too long, some too wide and some too heavy – we need it to be as light as possible so it doesn’t add to the overall weight allowance.  Some clever designer took all that into consideration and created SleepyPod Air.  It’s a good looking bag and also comes in vibrant colours – as you can see.  We chose the bright orange (to match my roller bag) instead of the more subtle or obvious colours.  It’s unique design allows it to contract in size to fit in the space below most airline seats during the restricted times of takeoff and landing. And then it can be expanded during flight for the pet to stretch out.

George fits in there perfectly – he can stand up in it and long enough for him to lie down. The bag can also sit on top of a roller bag and be attached to the handle.  But should hold on as my roller bag may topple over because of the weight distribution. The SleepyPod Air can also be attached to a car seat.

Neat little bag – and looking forward to using it.  Fingers crossed, all goes well this time around.



  1. Laura Cordovano

    What a good boy George is. You are going to have so much fun!

  2. Neyra

    He’s such a cutie!

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