Why we blog, as told to Pet-fi

A few months ago, Pet-fi, approached Mummy and I to share our story on how we came to write our blog.

Mummy told how I changed her life. It seems I took over her Facebook page with all my adventures.  She soon realised I needed my own “voice” and set up my Facebook page and all the things she used to post gave her the idea she should write a blog. That was three years ago.

The objective of the blog was to share our daily “adventures” – first in London, just going to restaurants and running errands. Then we started travelling and we ventured further and further afield.  We wanted to show the hoomans that they can live their daily lives with their fur babies. In other words – don’t leave home without us!

As Mummy was telling our story, the camera man took photos and videos of us. Mummy did all the talking while I did a lot of the posing.  Finally we got to see the results from that day as our story went life on Pet-fi.net last week.

These were all the behind the scenes happenings – me being photographed IMG_7729-580x435and on film …IMG_7753-1 And this is the result.Miss Darcy 4 We went to various venues around our neighbourhood to show how me and George have integrated into Mummy’s daily life. IMG_7804 That was at The Bluebird Shop – and what we look like from the camera lensMiss Darcy 3 And the camera man took this photo of me on the sofa …Miss Darcy 2Mummy loves this pic of me. 🙂

You can now watch our video on www.pet-fi.net – Miss Darcy London

Hope you enjoy it.

May’s comment:  We were approached by Pet-fi to tell our story as to how we came about writing a blog. And our story is now on their lifestyle and portraits section.

Pet-fi is a gateway to beautiful storytelling and exceptional experiences curated for the discerning pet owner. Built around a likeminded community, we are a bespoke destination for global information about pet-centric care, travel and design. Our ethos is quality over quantity, and a guarantee of beautiful, expressive content featuring influencers, artists, style icons and charities. Pet-fi actively supports and promotes accredited programmes for animal welfare and conservation worldwide, as well as the endeavours of businesses working to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing.”




  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the video May. Lovely to hear your voice.

  2. Ruth Tinney

    Lovely video May, really nice to see you, Darcy and George walking around and hear you talking about how much they mean to you.

  3. Barb

    Beautiful video! I love how she was playing with the leash as you were walking with her through one store. Love your Blog. It’s the first thing I read every morning.

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, I liked that one where she’s playing with the lead too. 🙂 Thank you for reading.

  4. christine

    I love the video, how nicely they walk together on lead. Love your blog I read every day.

  5. Daniel Hall

    Web site tech problems unfortunately keep me from viewing the entire video. I’ll try again another time.

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