India’s dog indulgence “problem”

There was an article in the Sunday Times about us pooches becoming a status symbol for wealthy Indians. Those poor pooches sound like they are smothered with over-pampering.

It doesn’t sound like they have much fun. They don’t get to run in the parks or drink from dirty puddles. They don’t even get to walk on the streets in case their paws get dirty.

OK, some of you will accuse me of calling the kettle black. I am not in the least “pampered” like them and the better term is “well looked after”, and loved, of course. Yes, my paws get washed after a muddy run in the park and I have them wiped before jumping onto bed. I own a few pieces of clothing and I get groomed at The Pet Spa.  But nothing close to what they get.  But I suppose we live in London and there’s no need for air-conditioned bedrooms.

And then the Indians blame the Brits for snobbery about dogs! A colonial legacy, they call it. Really?  We English dogs will die of shame if we ever got pampered that way.  We are loved and appreciated – most of the time.

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