An Evening Walk with Rocko

As the days get longer it’s really lovely going for evening walks.  Today we walked across the Albert Bridge to Battersea Park. Once we got in we saw Rocko with Jasmine and Zara.  I ran over to greet them – excitedly!!!

IMG_1053Walking across Albert Bridge

IMG_1055Pretty view from the bridge

IMG_1063Hello Rocko, Jasmine and Zara!

And the fun begins!  We ran into bushes, we jumped over fences and we ran and ran and ran.  Agility Classes come into effect!

IMG_1073Over the fence …


IMG_1074And back over again …

IMG_1076And here comes Rocko.

IMG_1075And it’s my turn again.

IMG_1078Go Rocko!

IMG_1084And then we both jumped!

IMG_1070Boy were we thirsty!

At the end of our walk we met a baby cockapoo – Coco!  She’s very young and she still chases tissue paper like I used to. She finds everything that moves interesting. She’s going to join our Hyde Park Cockapoo walks! Yay!


Bye Rocko! That was so much fun! Great to see you, stud!  We must do this more often. xox



  1. Sylvia

    Ms. Darcy I think you and Rocko are ready for the Doggie Olympics! Such agility and grace…wish I had some of that!

  2. Miss Darcy

    My suggestion – four legs are easier than two!!!!

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