Insomnia is most annoying

We look forward to bed time – it always takes a long while before Mummy finally goes to bed.

So when she finally gets up from sitting at her computer (usually writing a blog post for me – LOL!)We love sleeping with Mummy in her bed. I have my place (next to her head) and George has his (at the back of her knees), though it is interchangeable.

But some nights when Mummy can’t fall asleep, she seems to like to wake us up. Not sure if it is to keep her company or just being annoying? We do not comprehend her action.

First, a tummy rub with her feet.  Soothing? Yes.She looks over at meAnd starts talking! “Darcy? Are you awake?”

Well, I am now!
When neither of us engaged in activity, she would get up to go to the toilet.

By then we have woken up and time to shift position.  George likes to then sleep on Mummy’s warm spot.
And Mummy thinks it’s so sweet, so she takes a photo of us sleeping,She potters around some more and takes more photosGet back into bed!!!When morning comes, we’re knackered with lack of sleep! And we can’t get out of bed.

We still find our way to our “morning spaces” But there are things to do and despite only three hours of sleep for Mummy … Breakfast?And a good S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!! to get sleep out of our bodies.May’s comment: Yes, and I still have to feed you and walk you!

Whenever I drink coffee or have a Coca Cola, I can be sure I won’t be asleep till 4am. But sometimes, it’s the mind full of busy thoughts that keeps me anxious and I can’t sleep. Yes, I know, that pen and pad of paper – I should have them by the bedside but when you’re in that state, I can’t stop myself from making lists of lists!

And then I bother my puppies! LOL! Georgie-Porgie! Want a hug? Hello, Darcy-warcy! Love you! Do you love me? And they look at me thinking – Now what? Leave us alone, and they try to go back to Dreamland. 🙂

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  1. Kathy Shoulders

    Hahaha!! The looksnon their little faces when woke up is priceless May! I do the same to my little Buddy. I seem to sleep 2 hours at a time. The am up for awhile.

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