And it’s A. Wong restaurant for us Wongs!

Woo-hoo! A restaurant with our name!

A Chinese restaurant in central London – with a Michelin star!Besides red velvet cupcakes, Mummy loves a good dim sum – so when someone called Jack wrote to tell us about a certain restaurant called A. Wong, and suggested it was the kind of restaurant for us to try – off we went!

First there was one dim sum … Shanghai steamed dumpling, ginger infused vinegar .

The waiter suggested to Mummy to eat it in one mouthful if possible as there’s some broth inside of it. I agree – it’s one gulp.But Mummy insisted I should learn the finer ways of dining with chopsticks!  Mummy, dogs don’t do chopsticks.

And the food kept coming! Since there was nothing I could have, or rather, Mummy wasn’t about to share her one-piece of dim sum per serving with me, she thought she would order me some prawn crackers.It turned out to be a very fancy prawn-cracker and Mummy half shared it! She thought it was way too good to give me the whole “small” serving.

Well, it was all very delicious – but of course it would be, it’s a Wong restaurant!

Trivia: And did you know that there are over 60 million Wongs (and counting) in the world? That was the figure back in 2011! That was before me and George ever existed.  Wong means “yellow” and is one of the most popular Chinese surnames!

May’s comment: It was a feast of upmarket dim-sum at lunch time. Would love to return for dinner and try their Taste of China menu.

They have a loyal clientele who bring their dogs. They are welcomed. But a recent incident made them wary. A Chihuahua sitting on its owner’s lap bit the finger of another customer who tried to pet it. Two things:

One, never, ever reach to pet a Chihuahua. The only time I have ever been bitten by a dog was a Chihuahua called BIG!

Two, don’t have your dogs on your lap at the table – it does put off some, and as much as I fight their corner for being allowed into restaurants, we also have to be considerate of others. When a customer complains, the restauranteurs often go into a panic mode and they then ban dogs. I have seen it happen a few times.

So when I called A.Wong to make a reservation, and told them that I was bringing my dog, they cautioned me that it’s not an easily done thing. I reassured them that Darcy has been to many, many “white-table cloth” restaurants, i.e. she is familiar with dining experiences, small spaces and noisy crowds.  When I was there, I did engage in conversation with the manager and encouraged him to tell clients who cannot control their dogs to leave the restaurant! i.e. do not punish those who behave because of some irresponsible dog-owner.

A. Wong is not a big space and the tables are close together. We were seated at a table for four in a corner of the restaurant – they didn’t know us and wanted to give us space.

In the summer months, they have outdoor seating which definitely eases the situation.

A. Wong – named after the parents of the owner, Andrew Wong.  Their whole family’s initials begin with the letter A – but we love that it is a Wong restaurant!  An upmarket Chinese eatery for dim sum and a menu showcasing regional cuisine.  Make sure you let them know you’re bringing your pooch.  70 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1DE

This is the fifth Michelin-starred restaurant that we know of that welcome dogs – some discreetly, others openly. As you know Michelin stars are updated every year.  These have at least had a star or currently have stars. They are listed in our Wine and Dine list

  • A. Wong (Chinese restaurant)
  • The Harwood Arms (only gastro pub with a star)
  • Locanda Locatelli (Italian)
  • Le Gavroche (French, of course)
  • Medlar (and its French!)

But also cool to note that our list of Asian dog-friendly restaurants are growing.  Besides A. Wong, we have been to:

  • The Duck and Rice – seating in the bar area but serves the same menu as the restaurant, very good, traditional dim sum
  • Kurobuta at both locations (Mayfair and Chelsea) – Japanese with a twist
  • OKA in Chelsea and Primrose Hill – Pan-Asian and sushi
  • Suksan – one of the best Thai restaurants in London


  1. Daniel Hall

    I learned never to try to pet Chihuahuas a few years ago here in New York City. I bent over to pet one and it quickly tried to bite my hand! I was startled. I have pet many other dogs here and never have had that experience with them.

    Did the restaurant give you any special deals due to your name?

    Haven’t read about any upmarket dim sum restaurant in New York City.

  2. Rusty and Martine

    Interesting piece Miss Wong xx

  3. Julie James

    My local and I’ve never been! Barnaby and I will have to pop in! ??

  4. Ginny

    Interesting. I went to pet a chihuahua in it’s owner’s arms and he warned me he bites!

  5. Ellen

    As someone who has not been to a wong before, was just told on 19/3/2018 that they do not accept dogs. Maybe this is a privilege only for regulars now?

  6. Miles Chapman

    What a great find. I am hoping that the new site in the Bloomberg Arcade will also take the same attitude to canine companions, that way Enzo and Castro can join me for work lunches on occasions! Hope Ellen’s experience was anomalous.

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