Is it that time of the month?

Guys, I think it is. Do you think if we all huddle together on this fur throw, they might not see us?
Let’s all lay very still and blend right in.Oops, Georgie! I guess you didn’t blend in enough. You’re first!Actually George likes his grooming sessions. He is the only one that demands the groomer to keep going. If she ever stopped to speak, he would paw at her and tell her to get on with it!
Looking handsome George.“Wow! Is that all me?” asked George checking out his pile of hair.

Bear was looking on anxiously, shaking I is mummy’s arms.Bear needed to be shaved before he has a bath because there’s no point and it would also be easier to blow dry him without all that hair that was coming off anyway. Poor little Bear. He looks so small with those skinny legs.And George took advantage and sat with Bear’s mummy while it was his turn.And look! It’s Bear! And he’s smiling!
And this is what he left behind! Next up is Marley!Marley always looks immaculate!So he looks just tip-top after his groom.

Next up, Jaffa – she is so resigned to the fact that its her turn. But she doesn’t like the hairdryer so she wears a muffler.Even then she cries.

But look Jaffa, you’re all clean again!No more matts, and you’re a pale apricot again!

Charlie needed a proper tidy up. Someone did a botched up job on him. Someone who did not know the cockapoo look and cut his legs short, fed him too much food so he not only had a furrier body on top of a round body.  And they cut off his eyelashes!So he was feeling a bit sorry for himself. Never ever let that person touch you again!!!!

They’re all tired from all the excitementWhile it was my turn!  I’m the last to go! I don’t mind being groomed. I know I get extra cuddles after it’s all over!

May’s comment:  No one tells you when you get a doodle what high maintenance they are!  And because each of their hair is so different, there isn’t a straightforward answer.

From our collective experiences – the clan that grooms together, they need a real proper groom before six weeks. In six weeks, Darcy gets the shaggy look. As she wears her (not snug) Equafleeces quite often, I attempt to comb through her legs where the sleeves hug her legs and especially her armpits each time she wears one. And I blow dry her paws after rinsing them off. But in between the six weeks I send her off for a wash-n-fluff session at the spa. I know that no matter how much I brush her I don’t get everything and I don’t want it to build up.

Jaffa and Charlie have the same type of hair – it’s wavy and they go in all different direction. And Jaffa matts tends to start matting by the fourth week, or at the beginning of the fifth week. Charlie doesn’t always come for grooming but when he does, he’s always matted around the collar and his ears and legs. He doesn’t wear any Equafleeces and he still matts.

Bear is more poodly and they like him long. He’s also young and this was the thing I did not realise. When they were puppies they don’t seem to matt and then one day they do and you’re caught unaware. As new owners of doodles, we also don’t realise that the matting are deep – they look fluffy and cute, you don’t see the matt but only from experience that when you run your hand around them that you start to recognise the matts – and by the time you feel them, they’re already quite tight. And so it seems that the first few grooms ends up in a shave. I remember the shock I had the first time a groomer shaved her after I had specifically told him not to. He said he had to or it would have been too painful for her.  He eventually got fired because he did the same to a few other cockapoos! LOL! Another groomer when she examined Darcy told me she will have to shave her again because she was so matted. When I got her, I felt so sad for her. I swear she looked embarrassed! From then on, I told myself I am brushing her every day if not every other day.  And we’ve never had to be shaved again.

George on the other hand is quite easy. Yes, he matts too from wearing his jump suit but his hair is not as thick. The matts come off easily and he loves being held, brushed, handled.

And for the first time ever, I walked into my bedroom two nights ago and I smelled “dog”!!! Couldn’t wait for grooming day to come around soon enough!  I know I am super fussy but if they sleep on my bed, I like them to be clean and at least not smell like a dog!



  1. Jeanne

    I have a Scottish Terrier and her coat is fairly easy to deal with. I am unsure how to handle my Cockapoo boy’s coat. He looks similar to Darcy, but his legs may be curlier. Can you do a post on what tools you use (combs, brushes, dematting tool, etc.) to groom Darcy? It would be helpful to see what kind of brush in particular I should be using. I really enjoy your posts…thank you!

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Jeanne, I don’t do the grooming myself but we have a wonderful groomer who comes to our home for the day and does all the grooming – most of us are cockapoos. I will ask her the next time what she recommends and do a blog about it.In the meantime I use a comb to run through the matts – Darcy doesn’t like it but she tolerates it now since I’ve been doing it since she was little. But once you have him washed try using a detangled – there’s one called Pet Angel and keep brushing him every night – that will help. And it’s a very soothing brushing technique which almost every dog likes.

  2. Cheryl

    Our granddoodle gets cut very short, not shaved but almost, at the beginning of summer and if needed, which he usually does, again at the end of summer. It gets so hot and humid in Michigan and he is so uncomfortable in all that fur. We call it the ‘Summer cut’.
    I love the way he smells after he is groomed and I do think he is happier without all that fur.

  3. Jeanne in St. Louis MO

    Thank you, May! I take Archie to the groomer about every 7 weeks, but want to do a better job of daily brushing as you mentioned you do. I have read a SLICKER brush is good for Cockapoos, but Archie doesn’t like it. He doesn’t mind the pin curry brush I use on my Scottie. I will give the Pet Angel a try too. Fortunately he is like George and seems to enjoy grooming, just not the slicker. I worry mainly about the tight curls on his legs. He isn’t terribly prone to mats, so I am lucky there.

  4. Nicola

    I have a Pet Angel for Molly as well as an ordinary brush. One tip that the young groomer gave me was to divide her fur like you have your own hair divided at the hair dresser, and then brush a section at a time, but against the growth of the fur…this means that you can get down to the roots and avoid the mats. Otherwise, like you say, you end of skimming over the top of the fur. It works especially well on Molly’s legs. If I find a small very tangled or matted bit I do snip it away rather than trying to brush it out. The gap gets lost in all that fur!

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