Where’s the beef?

No, we’re not becoming vegetarian. Never in a million years!But yesterday our breakfast Mummy served us carrots, mushy green peas, slices of bananas, chopped up apples and a bit of protein – a raw egg.

“Why?” you ask.  Indeed, why, Mummy?  Where’s the beef? This is why –Mummy misjudged how fast we were consuming the tubes of meat.

If that was all we’re getting, we had better consume what was before us. THANKFULLY – delivery of our food arrived later in the morning. And our freezer was full again – in time for dinner!

Thought this is funny to share!

May’s comment: In our daily feeding routine, it is Darcy who stands on her hind legs to check out what I am serving up and then in her excitement, she nudges me behind the knees. George stands at a distance at the edge of the kitchen because he doesn’t like the loud sound when I am opening the container in which I keep their food.

We’re planning a trip to NYC next month with little George. The last time I travelled with Darcy to the States, she was still feeding kibbles and it was easy to find the same brands there. But feeding raw makes it a bit tricky. Obviously they don’t have Honey’s over in NYC.

Someone suggested Primal Pet Foods – sounds like a complete meal. And also located a pet store near where we’ll be staying that carries them. So looks like we’re set on that front.  Would love to hear other suggestions if you’re feeding raw in the U.S.

Plane tickets have been booked. We’re flying with KLM from Amsterdam to JFK. But still sorting out our journey by Stenaline ferry from the UK to Holland.  Looking forward to Georgie-time in the Big Apple. Let’s hope we won’t run into too many protests. The reason we’re going is to attend the opening of my Mexican friends photo exhibition in New York. Sure hope everyone gets there.

And also looking forward to meeting up with some of our blog readers! Yay!


  1. Claire

    May – I live in New York – Westchester County – which is about an hour by train to GCS – Grand Central Station.
    I would consider it an honour to meet you and little George!

  2. Claire

    Let me know the date and time that works for you and I will be there May.

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    Love the joke. It’s a good job we know our place May! Lol

  4. Jill Keiser

    Hope you have a great trip to NYC! George should enjoy his stay! I checked out the Primal Pet Foods site! Sounds like you and George should eat well until you return home to your favorite Honeys food!

  5. Laura Cordovano

    How exciting. I always thought there was a quarantine issue going from US to U.K. Was it lifted?

    • Miss Darcy

      Not any more. The Pet Passport is a known travel document for Europe and certain countries.
      Remember Darcy was with me a few years ago in NYC.

  6. Sue

    Do the dogs go in the hold? Interested because I’m English and live near
    Philadelphia with my puppy and I often come back to the U.K. to visit family and find it so garden to leave my dog.

    • Miss Darcy

      We’re flying from Amsterdam to JFK as this allows me to fly George in cabin as he’s under 18 lbs. you cannot fly in cabin into the UK. We then take the Stenaline ferry across to Harwich. Or we could also have flown into Paris and then drive across on the Eurotunnel but not the Eurostar.

  7. Sue

    Hard not garden whoops!

  8. Cheryl

    That photo of Darcy looking at the food in the bowl is priceless!
    Have a grand time in NYC. I’m looking forward to your pictures. Darcy will be at the House of Mutts?

  9. Ian Harrison

    Great pictures of Darcy and George. What a wonderful life they have with you – Our Archie would be very envious if we ever told him lol!

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