What’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?

Please tell us it won’t be raining on our doodle meet – again!!! We haven’t had much luck with weather this whole summer.


Do you think Rusty will get up in time to come?

Will we meet Oscar now that he’s home?

Do you think Missy will come meet us again?

And Poppy and Sammy and Toffee?

Wonder if Muffin is back from Norway.

Pretty sure Lucca and Alfie will be there. And Miuccia – the die-hards!

Will we meet lots of new puppies? Maybe Bubs who is non-doodle might come.

So please don’t rain!!!! Its August! It’s suppose to be summer.

May’s comment: See you all tomorrow – looks like the weather is going to hold – fingers crossed till our meet is over.

All doodles – cockapoos, cavapoos, labradoodles, yorkiepoos, maltipoos, golden doodles, poodles, etc, etc, 10:30am behind the Serpentine Gallery. 11:00am group photo.

Can’t wait to see you all!

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