Is this necessary?

Mummy, do you really need to put “he-who-has-no-name” in the crate at night?  I feel badly for him.

IMG_4219Maybe I should keep him company?
IMG_4311May’s comment:
 Yes, Miss Darcy, I  am trying to give you your space and sense of priority. You will continue to sleep with me.

And secondly, “he-who-has-no-name” is not toilet trained and I’d rather have a good night sleep than to wake up in the morning to find I need to do spring cleaning!


  1. marianne

    Mommy knows best, Miss Darcy!!!!!

  2. Jocelyn

    I thought his name was Bobo?

  3. Maggie Danks

    Ahh, Lovely MissD,,, are you warming to ” he who has no name” ? X

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