Right! “He” needs a new name

Someone told us “Bobo” means dumb in Spanish and he is anything but that! 

And if “he-who-has-no-name” should stay, he will have another name.  He doesn’t really answer yet to anything – but the tone of Mummy’s voice. That’s because he has only heard Hungarian till now.

So it will be interesting to see how we get on. He has a lot on his plate – getting used to a new place, new surroundings and all these new sounds. Back to basic, Mums! 🙂

But so far he has learnt “sit” – not really sure yet – it is only Day 4. Whenever the door bell rings, I have to sit in the next room to wait until Mummy says I can go and greet the visitor – or not! (e.g. Postman)IMG_4169 So “he-who-has-no-name” has to do the same but in the other room across the hall.IMG_4170  He doesn’t understand “come” – but when he sees Mummy calling him excitedly, “he-who-has-no-name” comes running!  Yes, Mummy did let him off lead in the park today.  IMG_4119

May’s comment: Been thinking what he should be – have a few suggestions so far. But unless he’s staying with us, no point doing this, but it’s fun to think about it.

We thought it might be nice to give him a Hungarian name since that’s where he’s from.

Or since he came to us on the 18th September – to commemorate the Scotland non-referendum, the only Scottish name I really thought would be appropriate is Hamish.

And finally, maybe it should be English, something along the line of Darcy – if he’s going to be living here.

So much to think about! But so fun – but nothing to be done until we know he’s going to be a member of this family. Well, sort of – we have an idea what it will be. 🙂


  1. Denise Burkett-Stus

    It has to be Mr Bennett (Elizabeth Bennetts father) in Pride and a

    You are doing an amazing job and he looks adorable….

  2. Denise Burkett-Stus

    Mr B for short!

  3. Meg

    Mr Bingley or just Bingley or Bing! Or even Bing Bing!

  4. Maggie Danks

    Colin! Oh I do hope you keep him May,, as long as lovely MissD is ok with itx

  5. Ladonna

    I’m sorry but he looks like a Blake to me..not sure why, but also Bennett, and Bennie for short…I like both of those for him….

  6. Jocelyn

    I think he definitely looks like a Hamish

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