Is this the day?

Is this the day, Mummy when we go on our separate holidays?

May’s comment: Yes, Miss D, it is.

I woke up this morning and looked at you two fur balls curled up by my side.  We’re back in position now that Charlie has gone home. IMG_4270My heart feels a little heavy because as much as I need to get going and do what I have to do, I do not like leaving the two of you. I know you will be fine.  Maybe a little unsure at first when you realise at day’s end, there’s no Mummy in sight – and you end up in someone else’s bed or at another home. But I know you will be in safe hands and you will be fine. It’s just me and my “separation anxiety” that is causing the heaviness in my heart as I prepare to leave you behind. 🙂

I watched you wake up with such an unlady-like big yawn! LOL!IMG_4276 You turn to look at me – checking to see if I am ready to rise as well.IMG_4277 I stared at your beautiful long eye-lashes and thought to myself – you have the most beautiful faceIMG_4271 Then little Georgie wakes up too and the battle of kisses begins.IMG_4282 And then the stare …IMG_4283Is it breakfast yet?
IMG_4287Breaking my moment of romance!

You guys are such predictable eating machines. But I let myself believe that your morning licks and waggy tails  is saying – We love you. You are the best thing in the whole wide world!

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  1. Margaret Danks

    It’s heartbreaking leaving them May, but they will be just fine, and what a greeting you will come home to!

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