Such long goodbyes …

To think I might not see those eyes make it so hard not to cry. And as we say our long goodbye I nearly do. …

IMG_4384I know that something is happening when I see you starting to pack. But I am unsure which way it will be this time. Are we going away together? Are we going our separate ways?

And then Sarah arrived and I knew it was my time to go on a holiday!IMG_4436 Oh Mummy, you know it is good for us to spend some time apart.

Shall we finally say our last “goodbye”, Mummy?IMG_4438 Sarah, let’s make a move.IMG_4439 Because Mummy might just change her mindIMG_4440Woof!
IMG_4441 May’s comment: And off she went, tail wagging and happy – to a place she loves and knows well.IMG_4443Her best mate and crazy-in-love Hector at the House of Mutt had passed away a few months ago. (I will turn away in misery) We were wondering if she would notice or go looking for him.

As in all dogs arriving at HoM, they are introduced one-by-one to the other house guests. Darcy is always po-faced in these situations until Hector comes out and she goes into a frenzy. She rolls on her back and kisses him with great excitement. She loved Hector.  But there was no Hector this time.  And she did not break rank during the whole process. She also did not go looking for Hector.

Maybe dogs are stimulated by sight. Maybe they react when they are jolted back into memory of the person/dog. Maybe that’s them living in the moment.  The don’t mope, they don’t live in regret, they don’t stew over things.

Anyway, as she always does, she stays pretty much to herself the first day. She would alway sit on her favourite spot on one of the sofas – and presides over all the other dogs there.  And she goes to sleep.IMG_5895But the next morning when they go out for their morning walk is when she will become competitive in the running and will begin to interact with the other dogs.

Maybe it takes that long for her to leave the memory of us behind and she goes on with her living.

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