There may be cloudy days ahead …

But I’ve been on Cloud7 since I’ve been home!

When Cloud7, the German label for stylish and high quality designer dog everything asked Mum what she would like from them, she knew exactly what she wanted.  She’s been wanting to get us the SLEEPY DELUXE TEDDY large bed.  Well, I like it!  And it is large enough for me to stretch out but I think she has a different agenda.

In the past, she had always bought compact beds – partly to fit the size of our rooms and as well as the decor. This time I think she wanted something for me and George to lie in together. But I have other ideas. I have many lookalikes to share the bed with! 
Sorry George, there’s no room.Seriously, George!!!But I got told off by Mum 🙁

Sharing is caring,” she said. Oh well, I suppose so.
There is enough room for the both of us and our favourite toys.

You sure, Darcy?

Shhhh! It’s bed time!!!May’s comment: Lucky us! Cloud7 asked if we would like any of their products. I’ve always loved Cloud7 products but not till recently we couldn’t get their products easily in the UK. Now they are stocked at Love My Human.

The SLEEPY DELUXE TEDDY bed was something I had wanted and thought while we’re getting a new bed, I wanted one large enough for the both of them to lie in together. I am not sure yet if it will work as Darcy is rather aloof and likes her space, but this may just be large enough for her to share. The bed is made of four individual chambers, filled with low-noise granules, as well as a separate quilted mattress insert that retains its shape and doesn’t sag even after years of use. The cuddly dog bed cover is made of undyed, untreated, new wool and polyester fabric. Easy to clean and machine washable and extremely durable. All elements are connected on the bottom by a Velcro fastener and are individually removable.

Cloud7 also suggested we try the enamel GRANNY bowl. It is called that as it looks like something grandma would have used. The gray combined with the cream-colored inner surface gives it the retro look. It also comes in rose colour.It has the option for a matching lid, which allows me to use it as fridge storage for letting our Honey’s Real Dog food thaw in the fridge.Definitely a better option than the plastic container we had before. It is a lot easier to wash off the grease than the plastics.

I’ve been in search of the perfect treat bag so my pockets can be free of bits of dog biscuits and smelly biltong or liver!
And they have just the thing I’ve been looking for – the graphite GOODIE-BAG!  There’s room for everything you need for your walk or dog training, with separate compartments for treats and small toys, as well as a built-in doggy bag dispenser. Made of waterproof inner and outer material, it’s easy to clean and can be conveniently hitched up to the leash, belt, or elsewhere using a carabineer or Velcro. With its clever magnetic closure in the upper part, treats can be dished out swiftly to reward your dog quickly. 

And since we’re floating on Cloud7 with happiness, we went to Love My Human to try on their BROOKLYN coats.  These are all shower waterproof – hmmm. And rather smart as well. They look great on both Darcy and George!

As you know we are not a blog that endorse products.  Whatever we write about are always based on personal experiences and preferences and we do not get paid for any of our features. It’s our own lifestyle and choices.  We do some now and then because we like the products and think they are worth sharing with our readers.  But when Cloud7 approached us, it was the best collaboration I could think of!  I have always liked their products but they have been hard to find in the UK. So we were in “7th” heaven when they approached us. And they did not disappoint. Quality products and stylish.

Thank you Cloud7! We love the bed. Darcy actually uses it in the bedroom when she normally sleeps on my bed. The Granny Bowl is super – would never have tried it if you had not sent it and the Goodie bag is fab! Now we can go training in the parks!


  1. Kathy

    That bed looks so very comfortable! And it is huge. Lucky George and Darcy!!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Those Brooklyn coats are so handsome on Darcy and George! I love the colors!

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