It was a Cockapoo (Bank) Holiday!

We had long planned to meet up with Bow …IMG_2205and her family, Sandra and Ed at Wells-next-the-SeaIMG_2195Because Mummy wanted some cuddle time with Bow.IMG_2197But over the Bank Holiday weekend, we met a few more who we now put faces to names!

First there was an unexpected bonus.

Millie’s mummy, Wendy had told Mummy that they will be in Burnham Market about the same time as. So we were looking forward to meeting Millie and her family.

But when Bow’s mother, Sandra saw Mummy she told her that someone on Facebook looking for someone to look after a cockapoo in Burnham Market, as they were going to a concert that evening. Mummy put two and two together and figured it must be Millie!IMG_2218

To cut a long story short, we offered to take care of Millie for the evening!!!IMG_2290When her mummy left, she wanted lots of cuddles which suited Mummy just fine.IMG_2225 But Millie was also curious why George and I were sleeping on the bed. IMG_2233That’s because, Millie – we were knackered from running on the beach earlier in the day. And we thought you needed cuddles more than we did that evening. You were missing your mummy. 🙁IMG_2222

But she soon settled down with us on the bed.IMG_2232While we slept, Mummy was writing my blogs when she got a message to say the Amber and Jasper were also at Burnham Market over the weekend and would love to meet up.

When we went down to the hotel reception to meet them, we saw two cockapoos – were they Amber and Jasper?  One looked a lot like me. IMG_2300 And the other was very curly.IMG_2299They turned out to be Archie and Bailey.

So when Amber and Jasper turned up, we introduced them!
IMG_2310Left to Right – Archie, Bailey, Amber, Jasper and me!

We sat down for a cup of tea with Nigel and Clare … and got to know JasperIMG_2332 And AmberIMG_2337 We all ended up having supper together at the hotel.IMG_2375These were the ones we met and got to know. There were so, so, so many others all weekend.IMG_2172And we met a lurcher cockapoo cross!!!IMG_2211

May’s comment: Our weekend away to meet little Bow turned out to be full of cockapoos! We had not planned it this way but I guess it was the last Bank Holiday of the year and many would have been on holiday over the weekend. It so happened that there were other cockapoos in that area.

I have never met Wendy and Brian, nor Nigel and Clare but simply because of our poos, we thought it would be nice to have our poos meet – once again, our dogs brought us together.  It was the same with Bow whom we met in March.

We humans have different lives but one common love – for our dogs.

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  1. Caz

    We love going to Wells with our pooches and always end up chatting to lots of fellow dog lovers.Wells is one of the most dog friendly places we know.
    The Crown is pretty good too!

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