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Magical Morden Hall Park

Stanley, Hebe, Jaffa and I had a mini cockapoo meet-up last Wednesday in a new park that Mummy has never been to, but George and I have been there a few times with Agnes. Read more…

It was a Cockapoo (Bank) Holiday!

We had long planned to meet up with Bow …IMG_2205 Read more…

Hondenliefhebbers van Holland

Yes, I spelt that long word all by myself!!! Read more…


Our Happy Cockapoo video was one of the winners of Honey’s Real Dog Food competition! Hooray!

May’s comment: Thank you, Dasha for making such a fun, fun, fun movie of us happy cockapoos!

Heavenly evening

We were at Rusty’s for supper … Read more…

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And we had a blast!

We had so much fun yesterday at our Halloween Party at Gaucho.  There was the red carpet arrival … Read more…

Tricks and Treats

Not quite Halloween yet but we’ve been doing quite a bit of tricks and treats this morning. All because we met up with Jensen and Enzo at the park.  Read more…

A Rusty Rendezvous at Hampstead Heath

For a change today we went to Hampstead Heath. Read more…