It was a hooping Saturday!

We tried Hoopers today. We’ve never done this before.

The first thing we did was get used to the idea of walking through one hoop and then two hoops back and forth.

We graduated to three hoops in a row.

They were laughing at me because I was hopping over each over like I would do in agility.

Then we had to spin around three hoops.

Finally we did a combination of one hoop, through the three hoops and then a final hoop.

Barnaby having a go!
Stanley’s turn
Freddie showing us how it is done.
And I had a go!

What a nice way to spend a Saturday morning – with friends and getting lots of treats.

May’s comment: How fun it was to do something like this with our dogs on a Saturday! Hoopers is a gentler form of taking your dog through the paces of running a course of “hoops” (maybe barrels and tunnels – without jumps) at ground-level. They run through the hoops at the same pace and excitement of agility, but the courses are flowing and do not involve tight turns, making it safer for dogs.

We were engaging with our dogs but it wasn’t always as calm as the videos – as there were many times when the dogs were just running after treats wherever it could be found – disturbing others. And playing! LOL!

If you’re interested in doing Hoopers in Fulham, get in touch with Petrina of The Pet Coach.

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  1. Cedric

    Oh wow! Look at you go! Maybe you did need that second box of treats after all that exercise 😄.

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