When Darcy met Snoopy

On a sunny Sunday morning, we took a drive to Ham House in Richmond – not to visit the haunted House but to the stables instead.

Mum and I have been wanting to meet Snoopy for awhile now. Finally the day has come.

Hello Snoopy!

I know you’re the white horse because I have seen you on Instagram (@londsonhorsesnoopy)

I was definitely in the minority here. Lots of bigger four-legged friends.

They were all looking at me – the little midge.

Mum said before she had us, she loved horses the most. But many things made it difficult for Mum to pursue that love. She thinks they are so elegant and beautiful but their strength scares her.

Tammy suggested that we take Snoopy for a walk so he can graze.

We walked past the haunted Ham House. I think that’s the reason why Mum wasn’t bothered to go inside.

Snoopy was a little curious about me.

I wore pink to match Tammy’s top.

Hey! Something has changed. Why is Mum walking Snoopy?

Mum wishes she can ride – but something about her hip and time -some hooman problems.

She asked Tammy to take a photo of her with Snoopy and me so she can see what she would look like with horse and dog. Well, dogs. But George, he may not take to horses as kindly as I do.

I’m generally calm with Snoopy and I don’t mind us grazing together.

Oy! Don’t drop grass on my head!!!

The only thing I didn’t like was his snorting. It’s a sound I am not familiar with and I got annoyed. Over time I will get used to the snorting. LOL!

And this is where Snoopy lives – with his other friends.

Snoopy was about to be served lunch here.

So we said goodbye. Thank you Snoopy for letting us visit with you.

Hope to see you again soon.

May’s comment: We met Tammy and Snoopy at Ham House Stables. We took Snoopy for a graze and walked along the road around Ham House. The grounds and gardens of the house are dog-friendly but we didn’t bother to go in. The visit was to spend time with Snoopy and Tammy.

Snoopy became Tammy’s about two years ago – a birthday present. We’ve been following his progress on Instagram and finally we got to meet him.

Snoopy’s sparkly head collar is from Eskadron Limited Edition – isn’t it fab???

While Snoopy lives at Ham House Stables, he is very much a London horse. Very much a fashionista.

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